Latest Trends in Machining in ‘My Writings’

Today, it has only one document on ‘Latest Trends in Machining’ practices. Machining and manufacturing has been my life-long interest. At one particular time, I refused to take over a higher position in hierarchy and responsibility to be nearer with machining in my professional career.

I have been rare individual in one respect that even while working on shop floor or in managerial assignment, I kept on writing. It started with writing an educational series for the supervisors in that automobile firm where I started working. I could get that published through Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi.

I did publish another book named ‘Mr. Supervisor as Mr. Manager’ through a lesser known local publisher to satisfy my ego. I have also circulated two very important documentations on manufacturing- one on gear manufacturing that must have been procured by each and every gear manufacturing company, and the other on automobile manufacturing. I could not do much marketing for the later one. However, I shall try to put tI don’t know if you have noticed it or not. The blog is having a new icon ‘<a href="http://www.drishtikona.comhis on my site under 'My Writings' for the benefits of those who are or will be working in automobile manufacturing companies. It is all because of the insistence of Anand and Shannon.

Automobile Manufacturing will contain subjects such as engine components manufacturing, sheet metal stamping, body welding, painting, and vehicle assembly and testing. I wrote this, as I didn't find any book where all these subjects were available in one place. I am sure there must be one available today. However, the readers may recommend their friends in machining and manufacturing sector or in engineering colleges to read them. I shall also love to get some comments and suggestions that may help me to improve upon the content.

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