Democracy in Danger- the future prime ministers

RJD chief and Railway Minister Lalu Prasad with a host of leaders including Prime Minister Manmohan Singh celebrated his 60 birthday by cutting a “multi-layered” multi-metres long cake wishing him “long, healthy and successful life”. The celebration had all the items that made it royal, a ‘kavi sammelaan’ (poets gatherings) and then a Kawali to entertain the guests?

Indian people must be thankful to TV news channels that provide the information, otherwise how could they know how their representatives or present days kings are enjoying their life. While Lalu’s chamchas were enjoying the show and gossiping about the greatness of their leaders, his wife Rabri Devi expects Lalu to become the prime minister of the country one day, as per the wishes she expressed to the media. And the gurus like Ramdev feel delighted in blessings Lalu and wishes him going up the ladder that takes him to the highest chair. So Lalu is one prospective candidate for the PM post. I am sure Rabri Devi was not making the remark as a joke. Laluji has already expressed his wish publicly.

Mayawati is another who has a strong aspiration for the top chair that she has publicly announced. With her recent grand win, even after Taj Corridor scam and cases pending in Supreme Court, she is really bubbling with confidence. And there is one Mr. Misra, who is playing ‘Chanakya’ for her to make her dream realize. Mayawati has put all her strategies in place to become PM.

Mulayam was another who with assistance from unscrupulous Amar Singh wished to occupy the PM chair. I don’t know if with the defeat this time, his ambition will get a brake.

It all says that these three leaders claim themselves the grassroots’ leaders from Hindi belt. And as it appears any one who joins politics in north India aspire to become PM as here before most of the PMs have come from North India. At one time, Ram Vilash Paswan, and Ajit Singh also were the prospective ones.

But one thing common with three new aspiring ones is their dependence on the caste factor and their state. Lalu and Mulayam have lost their states. Will they make a come back in a manner good enough to support their ambitions? But more important will be another question. Will they be acceptable to the leaders and the people of the South?

Though I don’t like any of them, some in the may become the PM following the democratic route. However, the Manmohan Singh model for making PM is certainly not democratic.

Future PM of India can be any one.

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