Harmony in Cary, North Carolina

It’s already more than a month that we are staying with Anand at 103 Alliance Circle, Cary.

A two lane road with landscaped tree-lined walking tracks and houses on both sides runs across Harmony community ending at a private property in the forest. I go for walk up to the private property every day almost three times to complete my 5 kms schedule. I see the time controlled sprinklers irrigating the grass. I find regularly some immigrant workers working to keep the grass trimmed and the area clean with their mowers and handheld equipment. And sometimes, I get the beautiful Sun view of the setting beyond the wood through the tall trees. Some colourful flowers at the entrance allure to get into the forest and explore. But I dare not get inside the attractive private property.

On the other side, the road connects North Carolina Highway 55 through Turner Creek Road. Normally, I walk on the right side till the pavement ends on Highway. I see the stream of vehicles of all sorts passing. I wait for a while before the return, rests for few minutes and watch the lone house on the other side with curiosity. I envy. But before that I come across the elementary school on the right side. It’s an all year school. In the morning, I find buses of North Carolina Public School, Wake County and the parents, sometimes the grandparent, in cars or on feet accompanying the kids to the school. The school has been one of the reasons for Anand and Shannon getting their house built in this community. I keep on dreaming of a day when I or even Yamuna may be with Emma and Zack going towards the school.
Unlike the sectors of Noida, there are no boundary walls and no security guards. And I see none but the utility men working on some construction site of the builder or calling in for servicing certain facility inside the community. Mails are put in and taken away from the letter boxes for each house and it remain open and no one, not even kids even touch them. The waste bins of every household get placed outside, emptied and taken away on every Tuesday, the recyclable ones every two weeks.
Unfortunately, there is no park in or near Harmony. Anand, Shannon and particularly kids miss that. And we do too. The house has a huge backyard and is fenced. Shannon and Anand have plans to create a track and a facility for entertainment for the kids.

There is a club house or community centre beyond the backyard with a good swimming pool, a children corner, and courts for tennis and basket bal, and interestingly, a house owners association too that got elected recently.

The community appears to house the people with origin in different countries. Interestingly, many are from India too, though it hardly provides any solace of fellowship. Present generation with nuclear size and its responsibility for home and usually long hours at works can hardly socialize. It’s almost the same everywhere. The population of Indian origin persons appears to prove the overwhelming majority of those from South India. And Cary being a part of RTP (Research Triangle Park of Raleigh, Durham and Chappel Hill) with Cisco, IBM and many smaller IT companies, most of these young men and women, I guess, are the showpieces of India’s strength.

Both, Anand and Shannon work for Cisco.

But I can’t end it without mentioning one more thing. After many years we can see the moon and some bright stars from the Shanti Corner of the house where we invariably sit after our dinner in the night before going to bed. And how can I forget the mention of the wonderfully attractive red horizon with setting Sun from the backyard?

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