Reimagining India: Election 2013

I have been reading a book ‘Reimagining India-unlocking the potential of Asia’s next superpower’, a compilation of views of many stalwarts from different fields from India and abroad since I returned from US last month. The globally known consultants McKinsey & Company have edited that. As I was going through it, I was sceptical if with the present political leadership it was possible to bring the country on the right track.

Results of Election 2013 give a great hope. It has revealed that the messy democracy is getting mature enough to go above petty politics of populism, so called vote bank politics. It is aggressively seeking a change, and the the younger generation can fight against the traditional political system and bring a change that the country needs.

As quite clear, the people of all castes and communities are voting for a change for the good governance to cater to the aspirations of the common people and particularly those joining the job market in millions. The clear message to the opinion builders in the communities and caste blocks is to get united to serve the interests of the nation and its people rather than to serve the interests of the political families that have grown up in every state.

The leaders in India Inc must also listen to the message that their funds can’t keep the parties with poor governance and corruption in power. The political parties can switch over for getting funds and using it in transparent manners rather than spending it in purchasing votes.

The people of Delhi have shown a distinct preference for a new party that has been born out of a movement against corruption. It reminds me of a similar party born led by young men and women, perhaps students, in Assam a number of years ago.
Unfortunately, pretty soon the party crumbled.

AAP must go slow to have a major role to play for years ahead. It must not be hesitant to participate in governance with certain strong honest set rules. Even as opposition party, it can serve the people of each and every constituency effectively and prove that its members are different even when at work.

I still feel that the people of India must vote for a national party giving it a very clear majority in general election 2014 and shun the regional parties who just exploit their support emotionally and make the government at centre lame and ineffective for bringing about the reforms necessary to make every people of the country feel proud to be an Indian.

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