My Views from My Scrap Book

Arun Jaitley Let the banks pull up the reality sector to get the projects completed in time and will quality norms, as the bank finances both the builders as well as buyers. Quite a bit of NPAs of the banks because of this sector too.
If the college requires a minimum of 70-80 percent attendance as mandatory, why should it be made mandatory for middle, secondary and higher secondary classes? The same should be true for the parliamentarians, otherwise they must shun talking about building discipline.
All the teachers of IITs must develop a common course materials for different subjects in categories such as elementary, mature, higher for all six years of specialised training and education in universities of (2+4) years. The students must pursues a minimum credit hours from all those courses for Bachelor and MS Degrees. Instead of general colleges teaching humanities and science subjects. A new way should be followed for the higher education, such College of Science and Apllied Science, College of Languages, College of Physical Sciences, College of History and Historical Sciences, and so on….
With the limitation and difficulties for land acquisition, the future projects of irrigation must be made with multi purpose usages. While the irrigation canal is built, it may also provide for installations of solar panels on the top of it as done in Gajarat. The two sides of the canal can have at least 4- lane roads all along its length connecting the habitations along it. In the same way, two permanent pit can take utilities such electric cable for power, or glass fibre cable for Broad band internet or gas line. Many innovative changes will have come with the progress of the new age technologies.
Airtel shows an ad where some young men are shown giving a mechanised vehicle for ice-cream sales as when they were kids the vendor gave them ice creams or ice balls free. I don’t know how many such cases would be there, but it is certainly a great gesture to be emulated by other young men who can afford it.
Sharad Yadav is in news for wrong reason. Yadav made a sexist remark. Perhaps he never knew to use the right words. I don’t know why these old politicians who are obsolete in every respect not leaving the arena for younger generation. Mulayam, Sharad, Lalu all must leave the active politics or shown the way as Modi did for Advani and Joshi.
The most basic in weaponry-the family of small arms comprises of rifles, pistols, carbines and light machine guns. Every now and then the local media report about the local rural/ semi-urban craftsmen such as blacksmiths are manufacturing these arms replicating some foreign brands. If they can produce, why can’t the talents of organised sectors can do it if they are offered the opportunity. Basically there are relatively simpler mechanical devices produced with special machine tools commercially available in open market. Technologies are pretty much known.Wouldn’t it make sense to set the goal that within two or three years, we will begin manufacturing the best contemporary family of small arms in the world at the least cost? Let the world be flooded with the Indian version of the Kalashnikov! However, I am of opinion that the Defence Research and Development Organisation, the Ordnance Factory Board and the Defence Public Sector Undertakings- all require some sort of re-engineering.
There are always a high and low point in one’s professional life. For our former PM, Manmohan Singh is also true. I do’t know what would be highest point. Perhaps it was his role in liberalisation in early 90s, if I join the group that does not want to give that credit to PVNR. But the worst point has come now with a summon from a court. And no one but he himself is to be blamed. As Sekhar Gupta writes, he could have resigned.
The government must come out with a strict policy on unauthorised constructions and encroachments in metros and cities, small and big. Left to politicians and police, some day some so called deprived ones will construct jhuggies, shanties in and outside the Rashtrapati Bhawan too. Politicians such as Mamta Banerjee will authorise and legalise constructions on all the pavements as recently done in Kolkata and on platforms besides in the railway land on both sides of tracks all over the country.

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