Post Teachers Day

I found at least some teachers on TV news channels complaining that Modi’s address on the Teachers Day fell sort about teachers. Here in US, it was an early morning treat for me. I critically heard his every word.

I wonder why Modi should not be allowed to talk with millions of members of the future generation and to help them know his views. And as it appeared, most of them liked it. However, the questions from the students appeared to be assisted and prepared by others, may be their teachers. It missed the natural inquisitiveness . I am sure that it was not because of the directives of the babus of DOE or CBSE.

Modi through his words and gestures wished to establish the respectability of the huge teaching community that is on fast deterioration.

Is it not true that there is no dearth of employment if one trains oneself as good teacher? A good teacher today for the first time can get into a good to outstanding brand and earn sufficient compensation too. One can practise that sitting at home or by exploring all over the globe today as Modi asserted. Further, nothing affects this profession negatively, not even slow down. Modi emphasised that the whole world is in need of good teachers. Why should not it allure best of the younger generation to join this profession? But naturally one will have to keep on working hard and updated to remain really good teacher with changing time.

Unfortunately, most of the practising teachers in India are not proud of the profession today. And sometimes it seems the profession attracts only the academically lowest brains with no passion and even a good heart today.

They must arise, exert a little more and get a real respectable position with endeavour, innovation, entrepreneurship- all on their own.

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