Food Bill Through, India Not

So finally, Rs.1.35 trillion Sonia’s game changer Food Security Bill has crossed the barrier of the approval from Lok Sabha members. All the political parties collaborated, some to show their concern for the so-called poor but not the country, some because they never wished show them against poor.

It has given one more right to 67 percent of 1.2 billions citizens to go to the court if they don’t get their entitlements provided in the bill? I wonder how many will go to the court, even after they might have slept empty stomach for not only some but for many nights.

I am saying this as I have not read any story till date about the same people with the right of good education or for that matter that of the employment of a minimum 100 days per year going to court to complain against their rights that the same politicians have provided through the bills.

Sonia single-handedly pursued the food bill as her first priority over the other bills or policy decisions that were vital to save the nation from deteriorating economic health: “There are people who ask whether we have the means to implement this scheme. I would like to say that we have to figure out the means. The question is not whether we can do it or not. We have to do it,” she said, directly addressing the criticism of the impact of the Rs. 1.30 crore expensive scheme on government’s meagre finances even against the advices of a large number of economists including the governor of RBI and reputed citizens of the country.

As many opine, food security bill if marketed well in the 2014 general election may bring back the UPA in its third incarnation, as the loan waivers and MNREGA did in 2009. It is to be seen if the voters overlook all the mis-governance, corruptions, scams and the dwindling economy with falling rupee, increasing CAD with higher inflation and lack of employment potential.

Without showing any concern to the opposing economists (but for the Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen), the government and opposition wrestled to walk away with maximum brownie points. I don’t know if who was the clear winner.

Politicians won, the country lost. Market reacted with Sensex sinking and Rupee falling to Rs 66 with respect to a Dollar.

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