Mischievous Mamata

While the nation is getting rated ‘junk’ category, inflation running high making even the better ones in billion feel miserable, share market in turmoil, deficits unmanageable and the India story getting tarnished with the news of scams after scams and black money, it seems the ruling party and the government is under the control of the most incapable hands and minds. India Inc is worried. Foreign investors are getting out of India. Leadership hardly shows any sign of facing the situation and innovating ways to overcome the hurdles or find way out of the labyrinths. The media news doesn’t speak for any active action plan.

Every Indian knows what the president does but for spending few hundred millions on making foreign tours with the extended family members. However, the most powerful political leader is busy seeing her own candidate in the ceremonial palace for the first citizen. And that is at the cost for the nation. The PM was already inert. The allies have signaled lack of confidence in his ability. FM is himself is a candidate of prudential election. How can a person in Pranab position steer the finance of the country today?

A real drama went on for the whole day on India’s TV channels on June 13. Mamta was outright the heroine of the day. But more than a heroine, she had been mischievous all through. She kept media informed but in her typical way. The media totally failed to read her mind. Sonia Gandhi failed much more and miserably.

Mamta made the media know that Sonia had invited her for consultation on the name for the next president of the country. After coming out Mamta again talked to media and informed that Pranab Mukherji is Sonia’s first choice and Hamid Ansari the second. By the statement, she made clear to the minority mass that Hamid Ansari is not the first choice of Sonia. She moved to Mulayam for a meeting.

After half an hour meeting, when Mamta and Mulayam came out, Mamta gave Mulayam the chance to announce to media first. Mulayam announced the names of the three-Kalam, Manmohan, and Somnath. Both wished all political parties to have a consensus on one of the three.

The two names had hardly any surprise. While Kalam had been the popular choice of the country, the name of Somnath was to just satisfy the Bengali mass in her home state to compensate for the rage for not naming Pranab.

But the biggest surprise was the inclusion of the name of Manmohan, the person who is the Prime Minister and who has not shown any inclination to go out unless thrown out or removed by Sonia. The initiative of Mamta and Mulayam clearly raised question about the usefulness of the ineffective economist, Manmohan as the prime minister any more. The naming of Manmohan as president clearly showed the wish of even the allies.

Sonia appears to be loosing the control. Mamta is challenging Congress to throw her out of UPA. It must be a miserable time for Sonia and the whole of Gandhi clan. Sonia would have weighed the consequences of taking Mamta on her side much earlier.

Many think as an honourable person, Manmohan would have on his own stepped down. But he would not and be in the chair as any loyal person till Sonia wishes. I don’t know how the history of India will record the political contribution of Sonia. Has she degraded and degenerated the highest posts of the president and the prime minister by putting her loyal acquaintances?

However, let Sonia and Manmohan appreciate the critical situation of Indian economy.

Sonia must end the confusion and declare the name of UPA’s candidate fast. If she retains Pranab Mukharji as the candidate, she must also declare the name of the person who shall hold the portfolio of finance ministry and who shall be the leader of the house. Alternatively, let her see in no uncertain way that the finance portfolio remains with Manmohan and give him the freedom to prove his worth as economist and steer the country out of the present troublesome storm.

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