Sangma over Pranab

I am emotionally weak. I am old. I got morose when Anna and more so, Kejriwal charged Pranab with corruption and when person as old as Advani wished to set up a candidate against him just for opposition.

I and many like me must be envying the possibility of Pranab getting a peaceful and royal retired life in Presidential palace at Raisina Hill for the next five years and even thereafter with all the perks going with the highest post of the country. Now Sangma has also got a support from the main opposition party.

As I think over a little more, I feel like preferring Sangma over Pranab. And here are my reasons:

1. Pranab might be very good as troubleshooter for Sonia’s government lately. However, his performance as the senior most cabinet minister has not been so great. Pranab rather messed up India’s story through his last budget He didn’t do anything, not even for medication for the old men like me, particularly those who are in the rural India.

2. Pranab was not the outright choice of Sonia. The political constraints and circumstances made her choose Pranab. Left to her, Sonia would have chosen Ansari. Credit goes to the direct and indirect pressure from Mamta-Mulayam episode for Pranab’s projection for the role.

3. While Pranab performed well, he hardly dared to change the narrow-mindedness of Sonia, be it on Lokpal Bill or Black money issue in national interest. He was never brave and remained loyal to an unexplainable extent to Sonia after the initial abrasion. India doesn’t need the re-establishment of royalty.

4. Once President, Pranab will go out of the way to help Sonia, particularly if Election 2014 demands it.

5. As much as I know, Pranab had been softer to the leftist rulers of Bengal when they were brutally trying to suppress Mamta and damaging the industrial fabric of the state.

6. Pranab never went out of the way to help Bihar or even Bengal to come out of their poverty and backwardness. He has not done anything in Bengal in his entire illustrious career for which he can be remembered by the people of the state.
7. Pranab appeared to perform extraordinarily good because Congress under Sonia hardly nurtures brilliant and efficient ones and reminds me of a Bhojpuri saying, jahan rookh n brichh wahan rend pradhan.

8. All the governments till date have neglected North-east with huge potentials to contribute to the mainstream. With Sangma as President, I hope it will get some importance. I wish Sangma goes to propagate higher education in the people of the region.
9. PA Sangma had been a brilliant speaker even with all his limitations.

10. Sangma has withstood the opposition of Sharad Pawar and resigned NCP.

11. Mulayam is supporting Pranab after a deal and Shiv Sena with all the characteristics of antinational gesture such as torturing the poor people from Bihar and UP is supporting Pranab.

12. Sangma will be much lesser a politician in the highest post than Pranab.

I wish both would write through media some sort of manifesto about how they will function in the highest position of the country.

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