Joyous June, 2012 in US

We didn’t only escape the intolerable heat waves of Noida, many things added to our joy in this month, June 2012 that will remain memorable for a long time in the remaining life. It was a month with the birthday of Rakesh, our anniversary and Father’s Day that we celebrated. It has been also a month when Emma graduated from her play school and we joined the function organized by her school’s teachers. Shephali also graduated from Jordon Hospital, New York and moved to Austin, Texas. And more importantly, Rajesh with Shephali and Svanik moved into their own beautiful house in Austin on June 25. But let me confess, I got more reasons for my over-joyous feeling.

I watched three launches of the top three tech companies of USA who are the topmost globally too. It started with Apple’s laptop with a super-high resolution “Retina” display, setting a new standard for screen sharpness, followed by Microsoft’s Surface. And then only yesterday, June 27, I watched Google unveiling its own branded Nexus 7 tablet with unique features. Google co-founder Sergey Brin also showed off the Google Glass, a consumer version of its electronic eyewear that can live-stream images and audio and perform computing tasks, with all fanfare. Google made keynote history at IO, skydiving Google Glasses into the venue with the help of a team of stunt bikers and rappellers.

All these presentations appeared to me like some magic shows of the childhood days. Each time some new feature of the product got exhibited on the big screen, the crowd with sheer surprise clapped and clapped.

And adding to the achievements of the technology companies, something of my interest had come on June 22. Tesla Motors delivered Model S, the world’s first premium electric sedan, to its first customers at an invitation-only event at the Tesla Factory in Fremont, California. Legendary Elon Musk introduced the all-electric Tesla Motors (TSLA) Model S sedan and talked about deriving great pleasure in pumping out cars made by former union workers from a factory set up in the famously expensive part of the world.

I have now two observations to make. Though Indian media and columnists such as Chidanand Rajghatta, the Washington-based foreign editor of The Times of India and author of The Horse That Flew: How India’s Silicon Gurus Spread
Their Wings, keep on writing about a large presence of Indian techies in these companies, I didn’t find a single one coming on the stage during these presentations.

Microsoft’s Surface and then Google’s Nexsus7 made me realize how immature has been the story of India’s national tablet, Aakash, and the way India’s HRD minister has kept on creating the fiasco with Aakash Tablet.

USA remains at the top of tech innovations. We hardly find anything such as the one described above coming from Japan, Germany. May be, with huge thrust on R&D, the Chinese will lead others even here too.

However, the story of joyous June can’t end without the mention of June 28 when the US Sureme Court upheld most of the Obama administration’s health care reform law. I hardly appreciate the difference. But I am to believe Anand about its significance as and when we decide to avail our permanent residency of USA.

June, 2012 has been a great month.

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