IITs- Halo or Reality

My eyesight has gone bad but I get pleasure in reading. I am going through the latest book of Thomas Friedman who writing gives me pleasure. I am growing weak, though I can walk steadily and quite a distance, so is my plan to visit Hampi and thereafter Aurangabad for Ajanta and Ellora and then Bhopal for Sanchi.

But I get morose where I find my young men failing us. I felt bad about the rise of so called nationalist miscreants and that also with the name of Rama in it. How can a follower of Rama think of attacking a senior advocate? I don’t like this intolerance in young men and those who come out with excuses. Can the young men in China go for such cowardice act and get a bail?

How can a government play with education ministry? Can’t it find another full time minister if Kapil Sibal is required to save the government from telecom mess?

The people get enraged when IITs are criticized. But then IITs must keep its image intact and performance up to the desired level.
I am giving just one instance of the standing of IITs in technology. Look at the list of the 2011 top twelve teams that received medals in International Collegiate Programming Contest that is given below and judge yourself. Where are our IITs or other universities and institution teaching computing to their million of students? And then also many keep on claiming India as IT super power.

• Zhejiang University, (GOLD, WORLD CHAMPION, CHINA)
• University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, (GOLD, 2nd Place, USA)
• Tsinghua University, (GOLD, 3rd Place, CHINA)
• St. Petersburg State University, (GOLD, 4th Place, RUSSIA)
• Nizhny Novgorod State University, (SILVER, 5th Place, RUSSIA )
• Saratov State University, (SILVER, 6th Place, RUSSIA)
• Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg, (SILVER, 7th Place, GERMANY)
• Donetsk National University, (SILVER, 8th Place, UKRAINE)
• Jagiellonian University in Krakow, (BRONZE, 9th Place, POLAND)
• Moscow State University, (BRONZE, 10th Place, RUSSIA)
• Ural State University, (BRONZE, 11th Place, RUSSIA)
• University of Waterloo, (BRONZE, 12th Place, CANADA)

It’s not only that Chinese are performing great, see the number of teams from Russia and other communist countries in the list.
While out young men are busy bullying old intellectuals fearlessly, the young men in other countries are busy in doing something to make the country proud. And over the years, the nation has gone down its value preference. How can one expect anything great from the IITians when they after wasting the nation’s money in training themselves as pure technocrats prefer to join the rank of unscrupulous banks and financial institutes and prefer to join administrative services including police services just for money?
If the government doesn’t build right values through the education system, if the parents are busy in making money from anyway right or wrong, how can we expect India to be a knowledge society?

This government keeps on claiming tall about its growth rate after reform. The fact is totally different. ‘China grew faster in the last nine years than India is likely to grow over the next nine.’

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