Labour or Mob Law: Scaring Situations

It’s not only the corruption but some other recent developments are equally scary. The government is so busy in managing the corruption in apex court and outside with all its resources that the governance is at stand still. Many important positions of secretaries and heads of PSUs are waiting to be filled. Many thermal plants will soon stop generating electricity because of shortage of coal.

The plant of Maruti Suzuki at Manesar in Haryana is under cease. The workers have occupied the factory premises and are resorting to violence and causing the damage of assets. The workmen are defying the High Court order that directed the striking workers to vacate factory premises and asked the police to provide the agitating workers with a place to lodge their protests and ensure that workers who wanted to work in the Manesar unit was not attacked by those on strike. The rising labour trouble in automobile industry of MNCs is emanating very poor signals to the foreign investors. I am sure the Japanese now holding the major stake must be cursing their decision on to set up the plant in Manesar. Haryana chief minister is busy in campaign of a bye-election. Surprisingly the Prime Minister declares that he is working on streamlining the labour laws.

The prominent citizens have joined the activists of the country to close the commissioned Nuclear plant in Koodankulam,Tamil Nadu till all an independent body investigates and reports positively about the safety all nuclear plants in India. How can the job of technical experts be taken over by the activists and so-called prominent citizens and court? Surprisingly, China is marching ahead with its nuclear energy projects with fiercest speed. Are they fools? However, the prime minister wishes to solve the problems by writing letters to the equally arrogant chief minister and the religious heads. Sometimes I feel like doubting if the country was ready for democracy and freedom of expression at the time of independence and even after 63 years thereafter.

It is shocking that the government and administration goes in action only after some serious situation arises. Its machinery fails to be proactive.

Is it only a labour law that requires reform or the country needs a code of conduct for the citizens at large particularly for those who matter such as the new growing clan of activists and vocal intellectuals with vested interests?

As I fail to understand the law of the country. The whole country saw two days ago how a rogue young man kept on hitting and kicking brutally a frail senior advocate in or near the Supreme Court premises in present of a crew of news channel. The advocate would have been killed. But the very next day, the gang including the main culprit was granted bail. I am sure the clear possibility of death of a person is more serious than losing few crores of rupees.

Where is the hope for this great nation when every day something or the other creates shock wave in the mind of common citizens?

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