Ethical Practices and Corruption

How can a person or a group of activists fight against the enormous resources of the government? Particularly, Congress, with few unscrupulous lawyers, some sycophants as its leaders and some media persons with vested interests to support, is creating a chaos or confusion for the citizens of India. Particularly, the news about the Kiran Bedi’s way of making money for some institutions that he nourishes has been over blown for the same reason. None in the Congress party including its head relished Anna’s movement against corruption and its mass appeal. Whatever is getting into media are the stories of the vendetta of varying type.

I am sure Anna never selected all in so called team following any criteria or according to a clear cut mission document. I was myself surprised when I saw Agnivesh and Medha Patkar in that. Naturally, the difference of opinions of Prashant Bhusan and Santosh Hegde who are renowned persons in judiciary system is because of their own personality and status.

But should a century old party that was once led by legendary persons who won for the country its freedom adopt the mean methods to be in power? Will it save it for long?

Let us come back to Kiran Bedi’s air ticket billing and Kejriwal’s bond for study leave. I knew a senior executive of a private company who was officially allowed to travel by air in first class. He traveled regularly by economy class. The travel agent paid him the balance. Years ago, for the business trip abroad, the executives used to get lump sum daily allowances in dollars based on position. They used to save through various means and buy goods for the family members at home or took off for some more days for holidaying. I know also some who collected the money this way and financed the education of his son abroad. How many in public and private companies bill for the actual expenses against their annual travel facilities or medical bills? Those, who do that, claim it as perks and as compensation for the hard work they do for their organizations. Were or are they all corrupt? What should be the punishment for MPs or ministers who keep outsiders on rent in their government provided huge residential complexes?

Will the reporter of Indian Express look into these practices in its own group, find out and report if its senior executives don’t follow these means to save? How much that the reporter himself charges from the media that is not genuine?

Kiran Bedi, under attack over charging her hosts business class for economy class travel offered to return the excess money collected. She would not have done that. The subject requires debate. It also requires that every organization puts in place a clear design of system where if these practices are considered wrong, one just can’t do it.

And now something on Kejriwal’s issue. I myself signed an agreement for serving 7 years in my first company. I was to undergo training for two years. It just ensured me a fixed increment for those years. It was a totally one sided agreement to create a fear in the employee to remain in the company. Many had signed the agreement. Later on many left. The company couldn’t win a single case. I am sure Kejriwal’s bond must be a similar one. If he served for the stipulated period after the training, none can hold him back under any law and perhaps the human right.

And why didn’t the government or the reporter in question came out with these revelations for so many years?

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