Nitish’s Inferiority Complex or Ego

Over the years, I have kept updated on the news from Bihar. With Nitish, Bihar has seen almost a transformation from its dark age to a developing state. But the rate of growth could have been higher. And that is a necessity to change the prosperity level of the common man. I expected Nitish to become a little more aggressive. But I guess that Nitish Kumar suffers from some sorts of inferiority complex. He is egoistic and hardly accepts suggestions or advices from the deserving persons. He has failed to select efficient administrators in his cabinet.

If Narsingha Rao could select Manmohan Singh, and very recently Mamta selected Amit Mitra, why could Nitish bring some real efficient administrator for portfolios such as education and healthcare?

As everyone knows there had been many brilliant as well as honest IAS officers from Bihar. And many of them must be living a retired life. Given opportunity, they could have changed the speed of implementation of projects such as urban development. A missionary minister could have invited the best in education sector and business houses of the country to set up professional engineering and medical institutes in Bihar. Does not the engineer-chief minister realize the need for having at least hundreds of these institutes? Can’t Nitish appreciate that Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Karnataka, and even now UP that have developed because of the establishments of these institutes? Can Nitish get Patna as an important IT city without the manpower qualified and trained for the sector? This is when the boys and girls in thousands move every year to other education centres in other states and spend more than what they would have done if educated in their own state. Today even Orissa is better than Bihar. Many big investments are coming to Orissa for setting up universities.

If Modi can request NR Narayana Murthy to help him on IT centre and Mamta can appoint Sam Pitroda for the resurgence of West Bengal, why can’t Nitish Kumar do it?

If Mamta can ask her industry minister to personally contact Infosys executives to set up facilities in Kolkata, why couldn’t Nitish pursue with the industrialists to come to Bihar? If IT doesn’t come because of the absence of the infrastructure required, why couldn’t ITC and Sunil Mittal’s agriculture business have been persuaded to come in Bihar?

Some of the young entrepreneurs of Bihar have come out with excellent business models. Nitish Kumar and his government would have encouraged these young men to expand their businesses exponentially and serve the state. Kaushalendra Kumar’s vegetable business, Gyanesh Pande’s Husk Power and Chandrakant Singh’s Chaitanya Gurukul Trust are just three of them. I don’t know if Nitish Kumar would have asked them what help they expected from the government and provided it. Why can’t Kaushalendra’s business cover the major cities of the state? Why can’t he be helped to take up the production and export of vegetables? Why can’t Gyanesh Pandey set up the husk power generation facilities in every village of Bihar that have the agricultural waste to sustain it? Why can’t Chandrakant Singh’s model schools come up in every block of the state?

Nitish could focus on the ways and means to improve the education and skill level of the younger generations that would be joining the workforce. Nitish must investigate analyze all the successful models in other places, be it from a Chinese village or from the other states of the country, and try to emulate it after modification, if necessary, to suit local conditions. Let him not waste his limited energy to invent wheel again and again.

Nitish requires hundreds of excellent administrators for many projects that he requires to take up and complete in a time frame of next four years. He can’t do it alone. He must find them out.

PS: A real story from Bihar

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