Is Manmohan Still Honest and Brilliant?

I came across a blog, ‘The PM is an honest man and a brilliant economist’. Is he really qualified with the adjectives even after the whole of the country knows now and is experiencing?

After Supreme Court rebuke, Delhi police has come out to arrest Saxena involved in cash for vote case. After the left quit UPA, it was Manmohan’s sole initiative to use Amar Singh to win the confidence motion. Manmohan wanted to prove to Sonia that he was a politician too. And who on this earth can say that Amar is not a corrupt person who has made money using very little fair and mostly foul mean. By using Amar Singh did not Manmhan become dishonest and corrupt? How could one even imagine that MPs can be made to vote against their party’s whip without a suitcase load of currency notes? Manmohan would have seen that in Narsingha Rao regime too. He didn’t find anything wrong with his mentor’s method. Many fingers are now pointing towards Manmohan too.

The Delhi Police after SC’s intervention confessed that ‘it was former Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh who introduced Sanjeev Saxena as his secretary to allegedly bribe three BJP members of Parliament a day before the July 22, 2008 trust vote.’ And Saxena is also confessing it, though now conveniently Amar Singh disowns Saxena. It is again the money that distanced Amar Singh from Mulayam. As the rumour mill says, Mulayam lost 40,000 crore in the process.

Swami Agnivesh, a member of the Anna team, sought to question the PM’s honesty, saying he was elected to Rajya Sabha after being shown as a resident of Assam after renting a room in the house of former CM Hiteshwar Saikia. “You (Singh) got elected from Assam saying you are a resident of the state. You are not from Assam. You are from Punjab. PM talks about honesty. What is this, honesty?” I happened to know a little about Saikia family, as one of his sons in RK Mission College, Narendrapur was the roommate with my eldest son.

Is it not good enough to question his honesty?

And about his being a brilliant economist, the lesser we talk, the better it for him. Where his brilliance with continuing inflation, damaging the peace of every household of the country?

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