Greening Noida: Maintain it too

The sky remained over cast with cloud for the whole day but it didn’t rain. My neighbour, the younger sardarji told me that it rained heavily yesterday in New Delhi. Over the years I have firmed up my belief that Delhi perhaps gets more rain than Noida and that is because Delhi is greener than Noida. It has more forest coverage. Noida appears to be barren but for some area. Many parks and even the Botanical Garden that is going to be one of the largest, will take years grow its trees and plants.

Noida authority seems to have taken up the programme of greening Noida’s parks in big way. At least whatever is happening in the big park of sector 40 where I go every morning indicates that. Some estimated it to be a 4 crore project. It’s undergoing a massive landscaping and plantation. It has a peripheral walking track of 660 meters divided in four sectors again with a central round patch with fountains. Each sector used to be a green flat patch.

The park got first three well designed canopies perhaps as shelters for rain and summer sun. Now each sector has been landscaped in number of places rather a little too many places in such a way that the children from the residential complexes all around can’t use it anymore for playing cricket or football. The Authority, I don’t know why, has patronized plants of Champa and many varieties of palms and dates. Even the Karate clubs with lot of kids will no more find it usable. I am sure after few years if all plants grow the park will look more like a forest.

I don’t know who will be responsible for its maintenance after all the work gets completed. In the process, the walking track in at least two places has been damaged by the entry of the heavy truck they used to transport the plants inside. All around the periphery, there remain many shabby things that require maintenance and disposal. Even shrubs lining on the two sides of the walking tracks are not trimmed regularly. I wish the Authority outsource the maintenance to some efficient agency. Noida Authority is good at making one time big investments through tenders that must be gratifying some few in its office. But the maintenance is overlooked. The maintenance is poor and patchy. What is the point in investing so much in a project if it can’t be maintained? The park of sector 40 has recently got ten or more waste bins of guinea pig designs but one can see the waste and junk littered near the openings for cleaning of each of these waste bins. Recently there was a media report showing how a park of sector 62 that was the land mark of the area has gone shabby and littered with filth and stinking water body because of the lack of effective maintenance and care.

A large number of the residents regularly use the park. The Mother Dairy for milk and Safal for vegetables and fruits also located on the peripheral road make many to visit the place. However, I don’t know why the Noida Authority has not provided a good toilet complex with it. Noida Authority like all civic bodies in India is miser in incorporating and managing of the toilets in its planned township.

I am sure the effort of Noida Authority for greening the parks will make it look more beautiful too. With sector’s community centre, Shakti Mandir and Sai Temple, the greener park of Sector 40 will attract additional crowd.

Let the Noida Authority place a good maintenance system too.

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