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Hindustan Motors: Ambassadors Still Alive and Going on

Deserted Hindustan Motors News about Ambassador kicks some memory cells taking me to the good old days. The pioneering venture of Birlas brought India on map as automakers. It was unfortunate that the business house after the death of the … Continue reading

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Indo-US Nuclear Deal: Fareed Zakaria and Chandan Mitra

Beside few politicians who are actively associated and involved with Indo-US Nuclear Deal, the journalists and columnists have covered the various issues of the Deal for the readers of the country. They have helped the people to form their opinions … Continue reading

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They Are Not Educated From IIMs

The ‘Economist’ last week published a feature on Mumbai’s dabbawalas. Some of the management schools of US including Harvard Business School have already done some case study on the operational marvels of the dabbawals. The process of dabbawalas evolved over … Continue reading

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My Indian like Weakness

During primaries for selecting the democrats or the next US presidential election, I was with Hillary as the most Indians. Perhaps Indians were with her because of Clinton and his personality. Anand was a supporter of Obama. After the arduous … Continue reading

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War Against Global Warming: How can we participate?

Perhaps India will be one of the worst affected countries due to global warning. Instead of waiting for other countries to do their bits, we as Indians must start changing our habits that will help the posterity. With G-8 in … Continue reading

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Farmers Need Lobbying and Support

I get delighted when I find an industrialist such as Abhay Firodia of Kinetic Engineering writing for the farmers. I come from a farmer family and have some special motive to see farmers getting prosperous. They toil hard. They produce … Continue reading

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Emma Grows to One

Happy Birthday Einstein in mind Mahatma at heart Monalisa on face Ashoka with spirit Be great for me to boast We raise a sweet toast This day so bright For all a delight Keep coming and coming Take Blessing and … Continue reading

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Education- Can India Compete China?

“Universities in China are coming up faster than hotels in Dubai,” Watson Wyatt says. By 2010, 23 million students will be attending Chinese universities, one million of whom will be highly skilled graduate students. Even Nandan Nilekani of Infosys says, … Continue reading

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Young India Must Protest Against IIT’s Faculty Quota

On June 9 last month, the HRD ministry of the government of India that Mr. Arjun Singh heads sent an order to all IITs. According to the order, 15%, 7.5% and 27% teaching positions are to be reserved for SC, … Continue reading

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Innovating India- Some Unknown Unsung Heroes

M.J. Joseph Appachan, 50, a small farmer and a high school dropout in Kerala has invented a coconut tree-climbing device, which can be used by anyone to climb a tree to pluck nuts, tap the basic ingredient of toddy, the … Continue reading

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