Indo-US Nuclear Deal: Fareed Zakaria and Chandan Mitra

Beside few politicians who are actively associated and involved with Indo-US Nuclear Deal, the journalists and columnists have covered the various issues of the Deal for the readers of the country. They have helped the people to form their opinions in favour or against the Deal. Here are the opinions of the two journalists of Indian origin. While one is having a good reputation in US, the other has a label of BJP with him. It is unfortunate that a biased opinion is influencing even the journalists. Journalists must avoid any political leaning, something like the position of speaker or president of the country, and present the right picture in the interest of the country.Fareed Zakaria, Editor of Newsweek International, has expressed his views in the favour of the Deal.

“If the nuclear deal doesn’t go through, I think it limits India’s ability to play a role as a major power because on a crucial issue, India will be outside the tent and always be outside the tent in a furtive status. The beauty of the nuclear deal is that it brings India into the tent, into the camp of great powers, firmly and irrevocably and that’s why it’s so important for the Government to grasp it, for it to be taken as a national project. There’s obviously enormous economic benefits but I think at the strategic level, this is the single most important reorientation of India in the 21st century.”

Chandan Mitra, Editor of ‘The Pioneer’ while writing in a lead article in ‘The Times of India’ appears to have written to back the interest of the party that has placed him in Rajya Sabha.

“The Indo-US nuclear deal is a three-in-one document comprising a civilian energy cooperation agreement with the US, de facto NPT and de facto CTBT. A discussion on the merits and demerits of the deal would be meaningful only if we begin from this premise instead of deluding ourselves into believing that, possessed by a burning desire to help India, the US wants to hand out a “give-give” agreement with us and that nothing will change as far as our military nuclear programme is concerned.”

I am really shocked with the present performance of the economist as Prime Minister, the opportunity that the destiny provides to just few and for only a short period. However, I can’t doubt his honesty about the Deal. He wouldn’t have gone ahead, if it were not in national interest. Unfortunately, the government has started selling the Deal very late through media, but it’s again a half-hearted one.

I am sold on the Deal. I am for the Deal. In today’s changed global political scenario, NPT and CTBT are irrelevant

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