My Indian like Weakness

During primaries for selecting the democrats or the next US presidential election, I was with Hillary as the most Indians. Perhaps Indians were with her because of Clinton and his personality. Anand was a supporter of Obama. After the arduous and long drawn process of primaries, when Obama became a clear winner, I shifted side. It became more intense with his possession of Hanuman on body, and his paying tributes to Sam Manekshaw, when Sam’s own country’s leadership failed. But yesterday I read an interview of Obama in Oulook. And I am emotionally with him. His moral support for the Indo-US Nuclear Deal ensures that he will not cause any obstruction expressed in his “reluctance to seek changes”. Moreover, the disclosure that his mother, an anthropologist, did rural development work in India, and his admiration for Mahatma Gandhi was just heartening.

I don’t know if Obama will succeed in meeting the aspirations of Americans who are just fed up with Bush. Americans need real push from Obama to improve American economy for its people to be happy with him and to keep his popularity sustained after getting elected.

I was equally carried away by the extraordinary support that G-8 nations gave to the Deal. “We look forward to working with India, the International Atomic Energy Agency, the Nuclear Suppliers Group and other partners to advance India’s non-proliferation commitments and progress so as to facilitate a more robust approach to civil nuclear cooperation with India to help it meet its growing energy needs in a manner that enhances and reinforces the global non-proliferation regime,” the Chair’s Summary released at the end of the G-8 summit said in Toyako.

Perhaps, for India it happened for the first time and is good enough a proof of India arriving on the global scene. It is certainly not due to some extraordinary political push of Indian leaders, but because of the emerging economic strength of India. And India must focus on its growth path more arduously carrying out many pending reforms in time. Let the bogey of global pressure not become the excuse for the slowdown.

Before ending this story, let me quote one more reason for my excitement. It from a report that appeared today in media. “In many European history and art books, oil painting is said to have started in the 15th century in Europe. However, scientists conducting experiments at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF), have proved that the paintings in the Bamiyan caves were made of oil, hundreds of years before the technique was “invented” in Europe. Scientists from the National Research Institute for Cultural Properties in Tokyo (Japan), the Centre of Research and Restoration of the French Museums-CNRS (France), the Getty Conservation Institute (United States) and the ESRF recently identified drying oils in some of the samples they studied from the Bamiyan caves. The scientists found that 12 out of the 50 caves were painted with oil painting technique, using perhaps walnut and poppy seed drying oils. Apart from oil-based paint layers, some of the layers were made of natural resins, proteins, gums, and, in some cases, a resinous, varnish-like layer, the report said. The world was shocked when the Talibans, who controlled Kabul at the time, destroyed two ancient colossal Buddha statues in Bamiyan on religious considerations. Behind those statues, there are caves decorated with precious paintings from 5th to 9th century AD.”

Let India get ahead.

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