Hindustan Motors: Ambassadors Still Alive and Going on

Deserted Hindustan Motors

News about Ambassador kicks some memory cells taking me to the good old days. The pioneering venture of Birlas brought India on map as automakers. It was unfortunate that the business house after the death of the patriarch BM Birla couldn’t keep it going. It is a dying company with no future. Many a times, I wonder why is it running. How can a company producing 1000 cars per month remain viable? The news may be for the consumption of some specific stakeholders. The factory premises look deserted. Most of the land has transferred hand. One day HM may sell all the factory premises at Hind Motor in West Bengal to some warehousing company. The promoter must have some special interest in keeping HM running and ambassador alive. Hardly some know that it is HM that produces Mitsubishi cars such as Lancer and Pazero from its Chennai plant. All non-auto manufacturing facilities have gone to other companies. Perhaps

However, I liked the Hindustan Motors exchange offer that it has launched earlier in West Bengal and now in Tamil Nadu. It will certainly help in pollution control and reduce waste of fuels. In the scheme one drives in any Amby in any condition, with RTO endorsement for scrapping it, Hindustan Motors waives Rs 35,000 on the new Amby. As I was told none of the Ambassador cars registered so far since the beginning of its manufacture in 50s or early sixties has been scrapped in the country. Unfortunately, the states have failed to come out with a uniform legislative act on scrapping of vehicle based on life.

A manufacturing company that ranked in first ten once has thus become a history. And the dreams of thousands of its employees including mine too remain buried somewhere in it.

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