PM Survived, India Stained

With the proceedings of Lok Sabha on TV channels, the people of India could see the performance and behaviour of their representatives. Like millions, I also remained glued to TV to hear the MPs in trust vote debate but for some Noida’s usual power interruption.

Chidamaram, as expected, was brilliant. His thrust to emulate China and reprimanding of leftists for ensuring China only as superpower was inspiring. Lalu remained the jester and entertainer. Omar Abdulla and even Owaisi spiritedly delinked the Deal from community. Rahul was witty with mention of Atal and India’s poor fighting bravely for a better life against all odds. Lefists never impress me, neither they did today. But BJP and its allies really lack good and forceful speakers. A Sikh (my assumption) woman member from Bihar married to some Bihari was really forceful and impressive. Her speech must have made Akalis to rethink.

Rs 1 crore in currency on the table and members waving the bundles made the democracy ashamed, and certainly damaged the image of this largest but the one of the most corrupt democracy. But for those responsible for the damage, it’s a routine bread and butter game. Should not the people take them to task? Perhaps that is the reason that as reported, 60% of the MPs never returns.

The waiting for the final result of the division was agonizing. Why can’t the digital voting system be made fool-poof, and users-friendly? Can’t Infosys or Wipro do this service to the nation? It must have sent a very poor message to the people world over who were watching the circus?

As it is clear the government own the trust vote because of the cross-voting and absentations that might have happened through cash and promises such as coal ministry for Sibu Soren with history of Narasinha Rao cash-for-vote case. After all the party in government has always the advantage of these offers. Who does bother about morality? Why should Man Mohan Singh be different? And then as reported, he has undergone transformation from economist to politician. Perhaps he has started liking these political maneuvers, otherwise how could he be credited for bringing in Mulayam and his protégé Amar in Congress fold? Is this not a clear win of Amar Singh style of politicking that some call as Dalali?

As some, perhaps Lalu said, North Indian politicians would always remain in limelight in government formation.

People would have noticed that most dangerous political developments of the recent time are the rise of one-man, small regional and casteist political parties. It manifests in worst manner in a situation such as one for this trust vote. Will the people of India think over the matter and vote for only the persons of integrity and ability in the national parties with internal democracy and with good presence in majority of states in next Lok Sabha election?

I am happy that the Deal will go through. India’s nuclear isolation will end. Indians scientists and technocrats will freely participate in global high tech innovation projects. But unless India and its economy grow strong, its productivity in fields, factories, and offices are globally competitive and best, and its innovations are path breaking ones, it can’t bring prosperity to the people of India.

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