Polluters of Parliamentary Democrac

There are some names in Indian politics that must shame perhaps every sane person. Unfortunately, the media and the electorate don’t declare them outcastes, as India is a unique democracy.

Let me start with Ajit Singh, an IITian by education. He has been the worst of the unscrupulous politicians with changing the alliances for his benefits faster than one can follow. He was with Mulayam, and now crossed to Mayawati who has offered many lollypops. And next in the queue is Deve Gowda who became a prime minister of India once by default. He wishes to remain the kingmaker. At one time he calls himself a farmer and the next moment an engineer by profession. I don’t know where he studied his engineering. However, as one of my Karnataka friends told me the family is today one of the richest in the state. The people of Karnataka dumped him in last election, but he loves to remain active. He and his equally unscrupulous son is now with Mayawati.

Mayawati is naturally queen bee with her Rs 52 crore kitty. She can buy any MP with her attractive offers of whatever-you-want. It is a disgrace that some who are associated with her claim to represent their castes too. It is a shame that the judiciary, election commission, income tax department, and CBI can’t stop her from collecting so-called donations from her beneficiary followers and buying diamonds and properties for her siblings. And who knows very soon she ascends the throne of the Prime Minister of this unfortunate country with assistance of all the unscrupulous politicians.

And the biggest of the lot is Amar Singh who can afford to say anything about anyone at any time. He can leave and join any party and politician according to his sweet will. He has never fought any election but still he is the main pillar for Mulayam. He is with Big B. He is with Anil Ambani. He can openly talk against Chidambaram and Deora beside Mukesh Ambani with Man Mohan Singh. He can gate crash into any dinner party, can get humiliated but hardly bothers. He knows everything about every issue.

And who doesn’t know the villain of villains popularly known as Guruji among his men, Shri Shibu Soren who was one of the saviours of a former Prime Minister. He has successfully bargained getting what he wanted, the coal ministry for himself and deputy chief minister ship for his son.

For last few days, the news channels and print media is agog with the deals running in crores in cash and kind for siding with the deal or for voting against it. Both Mayawati and Prakash Karat have vowed to see that UPA gets defeated on July 22. As it appears all the MPs are on sale in an auction house of some IPL. And if MPs are on sale, is not the country on sale? A news item says, ‘MPs get dearer, going rate touches Rs 100 crore‘. Only Somnath Chatterji has remained glued to his views and stands high in eyes of many like me.

It is unfortunate that on July 22, a number of hardcore convicted criminals will come from their prison, and will participate in this national game, and may play decisive roles.

What must be going on in the minds of all sane people of the country after seeing all on the small screen? Have they become immune or are they not interested in the country? Can’t the 5 crore or more of the college going young men bring a change by going for two- party democracy?

In next 36 hours sometime, the verdict on the Deal will come out with many black deals at the cost of the people of the country. But will the people go for forcing some ethics in those whom they elect or the number of the politician terrorists who damage the basic fabrics of democracy will keep on increasing?

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