Politics of Sethusamudram

Why can’t the government and lawyers spare Rama?

By one affidavit, Rama loses his historicity, and by another affidavit Rama destroys the Sethu that his monkey army built. Can lawyers and courts decide on faith? Can even the scripture stop me from worshipping a broken idol or a place, tirthas and kshetra?

I keep on reading Tulsidas’ Ram Charit Manas completing it once very month because of some faith of mine. Can any one stop me? Should any one denounce my action or make it illegal?

However, I personally don’t side with the group that is against Sethu Samudram project as such, if it is technically and economically viable. Even if Rama gets incarnated today, He will also vouch for building it and perhaps ask the modern Nal and Neel to do that. And by naming the Sethu after Rama or by building one another grand monument in a well-located place in Rameshwaram, the memory of Rama can be perpetuated. Rama will accept the offer, even though the political parties opposing the project may not agree.

Interestingly, according to Tulsidas Rama did only appreciate the bridge that Nal and Neel built. He did worship Shiva but not the bridge itself.

However, through Nariman the government has already created a controversy, and many have shown dissent to his references. Unfortunately, the project that has already cost a lot gets further delayed. Hundreds of Ramayanas have told the story of Rama. Late Father Kamil Bulke of Ranchi University has written one great book ‘Ram Katha ki Utapati’ about the evolution of the story through ages. None of them may be taken as history. What is the point in quoting Kamba Ramayan or Padma Purana?

Perhaps in India one can’t think of any project even though it is in national interest. Either politicians or some activists will stop that on some pretext by going to court. And the court can sleep on it for decades, if not a century.
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