Obama, India and Indians

Obama has raised the expectation levels of Americans very high. Many youngsters and liberal American foresee a golden era for US under Obama. I don’t know how would this intellectually better president-in-making fare. Will he be able to pull up the American economy? Will the middle class get a better deal in healthcare? Will he be able to encourage more American youngsters for higher education? Will he be able to more actively involve American automakers and research labs to find an effective solution to replace the gasoline in vehicles that Americans drive?

Indians too have great expectations because of his liking for Hanuman and his statement on Indo-US Nuclear Deal. As reported today, Obama also has said, “Pak should stop terror in Kashmir and close all militant camps”. It heartens every Indian. I wish India invited him in time and he chooses to visit India, the largest democracy making it first to any country outside US.

Many Indians are hoping for a better deal on the issue of their visa. I wish Obama takes a rational approach. While in US in 2005, I found many young Indians working hard for many years after passing out from a reputed university in US, but feeling totally insecure about their future because of their visa status. All those graduate engineers with master degrees from American universities would have contributed much better, if they could work fearlessly. Why can’t US issue green cards and even make them citizens? After all, they are not menial workmen from across the borders. Many of the highly educated Indians could become entrepreneurs helping American economy more intensely.

Will Obama be doing some thing about those young Indians, who after so many years in US hesitate to go back to India and start the career all over again?

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