Manufacturing India: News and Views-5

Here are some more news in media from the manufacturing sector:

1. India will have to radically transform its manufacturing sector by focussing on large-scale labour-intensive factories producing exportable goods, reducing the share of employment in agriculture from the present 58% to 25% by 2030, with industry doubling its labour demand.

India needs a competitive manufacturing sector if it is to earn enough dollars to fund its imports, especially its thirst for oil and more so for gold.

2. Scientists at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore and IITBombay have helped Rolls-Royce develop low-noise technology for aircraft engines that are fitted in longhaul planes such as Boeing 747s and Dreamliners.
With increasing R&D in India, we may hope a better scenario for manufacturing too.

3. The recently announced new hatchback ‘Datsun Go’ car of Nissan Motors will be powered by a 1.2 litre petrol engine that has been ‘fully engineered in India and will be produced at one of the newest Renault-Nissan Alliance factories at Oragadam, in Chennai.The Datsun Go goes on sale in the Indian market from early 2014.
As reported, Renault-Nissan, a global alliance between France’s Renault SA and Japan’s Nissan Motor Co Ltd, is planning to expand the capacity of its Oragadam’s plant near here to 500,000 units a year from the current 400,000 units as it eyes an ambitious 15 per cent market share in India.
Nissan will set up a new manufacturing line, which will eventually take the plant capacity to 600,000 units per annum.

4. GE’s John F Welch Technology Centre (JFWTC) in Bangalore which has been at the forefront of developing technologies in the field of healthcare, energy, aircraft engines in the GE scheme of things, has said that it is working to create engines for aircraft of a smaller scale, such as a 90-120 passenger aircraft, something which would be the right fit for the planned regional transport aircraft (RTA) in India.

5. Hinduja Group flagship company Ashok Leyland unveiled its Stile, a multi-purpose vehicle in the light commercial vehicle segment (LCV). Slated for launch this year are Ashok Leyland’s Partner, and N-truck, and variants of Dost and Stile. The product, developed by a joint venture (JV) between Ashok Leyland and Nissan-Renault alliance, is the second product of the JV after Dost, a 1.5-tonne LCV, launched in September 2011. It is set to hit the roads before the festival season. Stile will be manufactured at Nissan’s manufacturing unit at Oragadam.

6. A Business Standard analysis of the status of equipment order placement and the time required for commissioning of power units reveals the 12th Plan’s capacity target of 88,537 Megawatt (Mw) is likely to be met with only minor slippages.

7. The auto components industry may invest around Rs 7,000 crore over the next three years on new projects, although its revenue growth will remain weak in the absence of domestic demand and an uncertain global economic environment, rating agency ICRABSE 2.83 % said today.

8. India will become the third largest automotive market in the world by 2016 ahead of Japan, Germany and Brazil, riding on its domestic automotive sales, according to IHS Automotive, a global market information provider.

9. Foreign manufacturers were willing to sell the buses cheaper, though he did not spell tout the price difference. Safety and quality issues with the current fleet also prompted the government to invite foreign manufacturers for the bus tender.

10. Tata Motors and M&M are competing with its MNC- counterparts operating in India.

India is to go miles before becoming a manufacturing power.

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