Coalgate Blackens Business Houses Too

Coalgate has broken all records of the scams not only by its amount involved. It has shocked me more because of the persons and the companies involved.

It raises doubt of integrity of the person holding the highest office of the country. Interestingly, the person is one of the most respected technocrats of the country credited to save it from a wretched economic situation in early nineties. Besides the professional excellence, he was also the icon of integrity.

And who all have taken the advantages from this stupendous scam? It’s the business houses of repute as well as some 2-tier and 3-tier business men with strong political link.

Strangely, the associations and chambers of the industries with a great image are pleading the righteousness of the deal made under the scams and advising as well as cautioning the government to not undo it.

Many times, it appears that the inefficient leftists are right when they blame the present government policies favouring the growth of crony capitalism that is favouring only few near the power to become rich and harming the country.

Could the assessment and charges of the opposition be wrong or only politically motivated? But then should we consider the revelations coming out through some or the other writing every day by respected columnists and CBI’s actions also politically motivated?

Many including the writer still claim that the India story as a prospective super power was due to the immense contribution of the private companies and image built abroad because of the hard work of the CII and Assochamb. But the revelations that started with the Radia tapes followed by CAG reports tell different stories.

Even the biggest and respected industrial houses are involved in the scams. The beneficiaries of the coalgate consists of ‘who’s are who’ of the industry. And now after the revelations, they are giving presentations before the inter-ministerial group (IMG), reviewing the mines to justify and defend themselves, and prevent the blocks from getting de-allocated. The topmost beneficiary who is the nearest to the chair even blames the government for the wrong doing.

Didn’t they connive and collaborate in getting the allocations worth billions free causing immense loss to the national exchequer? Didn’t some in them use wrongs means and fake documents, some with the help of the Chinese manufacturers? Wouldn’t have Naveen Jindal or the directors of Tata advised the government about the wrong being done? Wouldn’t have CII and Assocham helped the prime minister?

Did they help the prime minister in getting more GDP through getting the allocations free and sitting on it for years?

Perhaps I am living in my utopia when I consider these business houses doing great things for the country in spite of the poor government and corrupt machinery. Many stories are revealing the way these companies are sucking the rightful compensation of the poor workers by making them work for years as temporary and using trainees fresh from the institutes as full time worker with a meager money. Even the MNCs entering the country also get into the same anti-human rights practices. And the least one says about the government better it is, as it is also trying to take advantages of the poor practices of temporary and contract workers with a miniscule compensation in its establishment.

It is strange that though the business houses are behind all the loots and wrong practices for their single objective of profit at all cost, but still remain ‘Most Respected’.

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