Kejriwal and Anna: My Shock

For nearly two years, Anna and Kejriwal worked together to lead one movement that appeared to change the way India works. The younger generation celebrated the rise of a movement as well as its leadership. Many started hoping and seeing the end of corruption. The crowd at Jantar Mantar, or Ramlila reminded the year of Loknayak Jai Prakash Narayan’s movement.

And today, Anna Hazare and his one-time closest aide Arvind Kejriwal are no more together. Anna sealed the split: “It is unfortunate that the team has separated…I will not join any party or any group. I will not go for their campaign. I will only campaign and devote my life to jan lokpal.”

I have a soft corner for the both for different reasons: Kejriwal as he is from IIT, Kharagpur; and Anna for the exemplary work that he has done in his village, Ralegan Siddhi. However, I got elated perhaps a little too much like many with the getting together of Anna and Kejriwal to fight against the corruption.

But the present government and particularly those who run the Congress party have mastered the art and science of annihilating any individual and institution that goes against its policies. And it uses all methods the character assassination through government machinery of Income tax department and CBI and its own experts such as Dig Vijay Singh and Lalu Yadav. Even the main opposition parties and their top leaders were envy of the media coverage of Kejriwal at some time or the other. Why should not any of the national party embrace Kejriwal and give out of the turn, senior, senior position in their establishments?

As reported, even the mother organization of the BJP conspired for the break between Anna and Arvind.

Anna will work only for jan lokpal. Arvind based on certain survey conducted by IAC has formed a political party and face election. I don’t like their resolve, as I don’t see them succeeding and the people at large will hardly be benefited.

I had a different view at what they would have focused. Together they would have gone for Ralegan Siddhi type of transformation in the villages of India that Anna has brought about and can be emulated. IAC would have selected social volunteers with high integrity in every panchayat all over the country to oversee the cases of corruption and to bring awareness among the common people how their money is being fleeced by few. After working for few years successfully, the group could have entered the arena of election politics. I don’t know why Kejriwal forgets that Gandhi also came and succeeded because of the social work that he undertook to reach the masses.

The political parties today are full time busy in a single task of working for winning elections of all sorts and come in power and retain it. One can know of the party when it organizes protest of all types such as dharna, bandh or raol rook or take out big rallies inconveniencing the major population of common people.

It is unfortunate and shocking to me that Arvind is trying to have new political party doing the same what Lalu, Mulayam and Mayawati are having. Kejriwal is everywhere, be in Madhya Pradesh’s Jal Satyagrah, Kudankulam siege of Nuclear Plant, in the protest march against the rise of power tariff in New Delhi.

I wonder if our intellectual class to which Kejriwal or Bhusahans and their followers belong will be able to compete with the stalwarts with their dirty games.

I still will like and pray that he succeeds, as it will inspire the educated youth of India that always remain aloof of politics.

Arvind must focus on his mission and need not become Meda Patkar or Anna.

Will Arvind be fused bulb as claimed by some politician? The young India and oldies like me expected him to play a role in building of corruption-free India.

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