Sonia and Sushma

As a welcome sign, Sonia Gandhi talked finally to Sushma Swaraj directly to remove the emphases of parliament on Coalgate. I wish she would have done much before. And setting aside the gender bias, she would have spoken to Jaitley too. Ideally,

Sonia would have done that months ago and sought their assistance in passing some of the key bills including the FDI in retails and on other issues related to the economy of the country. None will win if India loses. Overall situation and political ambience has gone stinky over the months. Many feel that, otherwise how a person such as Narayana Murthy would have stated the present situation of India as worse than 1991.

Unfortunately, Sonia has perhaps poor close advisors who don’t want her to do that for the vested interests. She would not have lost anything by doing that rather her image would have improved. Knowing Manmohan Singh as the employed prime minister, the opposition leaders have hardly any respect for him; neither had he done anything as prime minister to develop his respectability after becoming the prime minister. One can very well get reminded of Abdul Kalam who even though technocrat filled so well as the president of the country when in office and even after relinquishing the office. Manmohan has hardly earned that sort of respect from any. His Charisma of 1991 was perhaps not his but it happened because of his good master,

Sonia and so also Rahul instead of keeping the company of Lalu, and Mulayam or even Mayawati must graciously keep the main opposition in humour and listen to their advices rather listening just to her coterie. Let Sonia realize that the growth of regional parties will do more harmful for the country rather than a policy based national party.

Manmohan would have resigned on his own, if he has an iota of self-respect. How can he consider himself not responsible for all the corruption or inefficiency of his ministers? Why does he forget that he is prime minister of the governing and administrative organization of the country? He can’t just pass the buck and keep on sticking to the chair. He is not the only in a population of 1.2 billion to hold the chair. And more over Manmohan is not an elected one.

However, the demand of the resignation of the prime minister by NDA and BJP is not rational and may prove to be setting a very poor precedence for the future. The parties in opposition will keep on following it at its convenience. BJP must not pursue it any more. Moreover, Manmohan’s resignation will hardly dent the power of Sonia. She will find someone else however, undeserving he might be to replace Manmohan. And unfortunately, BJP can’t wish away Sonia.

I still wish to see Sushma and Arun Jaitley together running this country and prove that they are different as administrator and not only as a debater.

Alas! Rahul could have taken over from sick Sonia.

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