Pranab Story- A Case in Perseverance

Since I had started listening to the proceedings of the Indian parliament on TV, I got impressed with Pranab Mukherji. Fortunately for the country, both the leaders of opposition in the two houses of parliament are brilliant parliamentarians and speak very well. They prepare for the speech very well with lot of content and easily understandable logic. Every time I expected Pranab to fumble in replying to the issues raised by them, I found Pranab excelling and impressing superbly with his replies loaded with tones of data and history. Only sometimes I didn’t like his facial expressions. It gave an impression of ridiculing the opposition about their knowledge and intention. However that is a personal trait. Perhaps that can’t be corrected or might have come with an over confidence of the age in favour. (IMAGES)

When Manmohan became unimpressive and ineffective, I wished to see Pranab as Prime Minister. Pranab deserved it, as he was involved and kept in front line in every key difficult task facing the government. However, with a dynastic political party in power, it didn’t materialize. As a good soldier or perhaps with no way out, Pranab kept on yielding to the wishes of the Queen and performing the best. Sometimes, I wondered how Pranab could have been doing justice to so many important assignments, particularly when he headed insane number of GOMs.

My religious leaning made Pranab impress me after seeing Pranab personally conducting the rituals in worshiping Durga. I got emotionally attached with Pranab after watching his childhood story and the way Pranab grew in the remote village of West Bengal on TV. It reminded me of Lal Bahadur Shastri. However, Pranab can’t become Lal Bahadur Shastri nor perhaps Lal Bahadur had all that Pranab has.

I wish Pranab could have shown the same detachment for his son’s political aspirations that was shown by Mahatma Gandhi, Rajendra Prasad and Lal Bahadur Shastri. Perhaps Pranab with his proximity to the Nehru family have learnt to follow their values here.

However, I don’t agree with Pranab that he never aspired to become Prime Minister and he never felt bad when he was sidelined. His argument of the lack of fluency of Hindi or Bangali Hindi could not camouflage a very logical human aspiration in a professional career.

I wish Arvind Kejriwal wouldn’t have voiced his charges after Pranab Mukherji got elected to occupy that big house at Raisina Hill, a dream for any Indian. It’s the beauty of India’s democracy that made it happen.

And even today I feel Pranab must thank Mamta and Mulayam for forcing Sonia to decide on his name for the highest post, otherwise Sonia would have gone for Ansari.

And I enjoy the miracle of destiny: Perhaps, Manmohan first addressed Pranab as Sir, when Manmohan was employed as governor of Reserve Bank of India by Pranab, then finance minister. And then Pranab had to say Sir when Sonia selected Manmohan as prime minister. And now Manmohan will have to address Pranab, the Birbhum boy, as His Excellency.

Will Pranab be able to leave back a legacy as president that will be remembered in the history of India for ever?

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