Agonizing Noida and Myrtle

July 8, 2012. We had just reached Myrtle in South Carolina after a drive of 160 miles from Cary, NC. We were taking lunch before checking in the beach hotel. Shannon had planned this 2-night holiday at the best beach of the world to celebrate the fifth birthday of Emma. We were very happy. Emma and Zachy were furthering my emotional exuberance. And right at that moment, Anand gets a call from Rajesh in Austin that gave the message about the burglary in our Noida house. This is the fourth time that we had it there. My manager in me passed on the best instruction and decided to enjoy every moment of the trip to Myrtle. And we did.

Myrtle, SC, USA

After the first burglary that was when we were in Noida, the news of the burglary had only made me feel elated as well as morose: elated because mindless burglars in Noida still think me, at 73, rich enough for making me prey and morose because they damage fittings that cause worry to find service providers in Noida to repair them back. I don’t wish to blame police, as with so intense poverty, lack of employable education but high aspirations among millions of young men, perhaps burglary in NCR townships is one way of earning. At least those young men think so.

It is unfortunate that fellow neighbours remain unconcerned. Last time in 2008, the burglary happened breaking the main door when the neighbour had a security guard literally right at my gate. Even after my complaint neither the neighbour nor the police even questioned him about the burglary.

Before this trip, Anand had been jokingly suggesting keeping the door open and an appeal pasted for taking away the articles they wanted without breaking anything. I knew the message will not reach the right persons.

I again appeal to the adventurous burglars to visit me when I return and let me know what they wanted from my house. I promise I shall be giving them that without any one letting it known.

I don’t know how to convey the message to those who tried to burgle my house in Noida. Can some media men and friends in Noida help me in finding a way out?

For residents of Noida and even my neighbours, I have an appeal for a change in the system of central security through sector’s RWA. We can contribute and keep guards for small group of neighborhoods, say in every row of houses. People may take my advice otherwise till they don’t suffer themselves. It’s up to them.

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