India Brand Democracy

SA Aiyar on Sunday in Times of India wrote, “A recent study in Financial Times shows that relatives galore of Chinese politicians have become millionaires. The “princelings”, as children of top Chinese politicians are called, have riches that dwarf comparable Indian princelings”. And I am sure the Indian politicians will have now one more arguments to spread their family hold in India. They and their followers with vested interests might not take China as the benchmarks for its various developments and achievements arguing as the outcome of its authoritarian rule, but will certainly quote the article for arguing in their favour about the corruption in the political clan.

Two recent happenings in the northern part of democratic India must worry the people who value the democracy as the savior of this poor and emerging country. Akhilesh, the worthy son of Mulayam got elected his wife as MP but more surprising was her getting elected unopposed and even the national parties not fielding its candidates. And in Bihar, Lalu Yadav got his wife Rabri Devi back in power through back door even after she had lost from two assembly seats in the last election and as reported, when even with his few MPs opposing it. The helpless mass kept on watching and approving all this pseudo democratic way to keep power in the family. Nehru, who didn’t stop Indira from entering politics, must take the blame of starting the new type of imperialism in India. As reported, even Lal Bahadur Shastri was frustrated and at one time had almost decided to leave politics.

The way Sonia Gandhi with her cronies and even a much smaller clan is ruling the country today is certainly not that the constitution makers would have dreamt. The opposition shares the blame equally that didn’t allow her to be the prime minister. At least she would have been exposed. Even after all propping, Rahul Gandhi is not daring to take up the responsibility of running the country for the fear of getting exposed faster.

The only other party in opposition has become equally unimpressive and vulnerable with no single person acceptable to the top leaders in the party to lead it after the sanyas of Bajpai. Moreover, the interference of RSS in actual running of the party will hardly get popular acceptance for winning the 2014 election unless it comes because of default from the mess in the ruling Congress.

And all the political chaos has made Manmohan Singh a hero. He will be the prime mister till 2014 election and who knows even after that even after not following the basic requirement of getting popularly elected. Still we, Indians will keep on calling it democratic.

It is strange that Indians, known as one of the most politically conscious race hardly showing any concern. It is strange that the prevailing political scenario doesn’t allow Jai Prakash Narayan type of political leaders to be born and grow. Demographic dividend theory doesn’t include the advantage of strong democratic political leadership.

Regional leaders are taking advantage of the situation and succeeding with all its policies of keeping the country ignorant and masses in dark about the necessity of the national parties. It serves the purpose of creating the political family strong enough financially to keep it politically relevant. How have the parties of Lalu, Ram Bilash survived even when it had lost elections after elections?

Naturally there are some regional leaders who are considered honest. Nitish, Mamta, Patnaik are among them. But will those parties get anytime equally strong person to replace them when required even due to some eventuality?

Many like me now have started seeking the assistance of the Supreme Almighty to bring some miraculous change for the country with all potential to grow with perhaps a new reincarnation.

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