India Today:A Shame

What a shame! Why is government so much afraid of Ramdev? Why is the prime minister personally giving so much importance? He himself appealed. Ramdev didn’t yield. He then sent four of his ministers, the great trouble shooter, Pranab, legal luminary Kapil Sibal, Subodhkant perhaps one of the disciples of Guru turned business man, and Bansal who manages parliament to dissuade Ramdev for going on fast right to the airport where Guru arrived in a private plane from Ujjain. This was something that had never happened. Two and a half hours talk could not make Ramdev yield. All the four are still continuing the effort to convince Baba.

Manmohan government got shaken in the same way when Anna had started his fast. It’s because Sonia, Congress and Manmohan can’t even stand against these so called leaders from the civil society politically? What a scarcity of a political leadership in this most populous democracy! Where will it end?

Who will be the next Anna or Ramdev and what will be his or her issue of public interest? Will a woman leader come out for women reservation? Will someone from the deprived class go for a similar fast for removing the poverty of the majority of the billion plus population of the country? Will Sri Sri Ravi Shankar be the next guru who joins the new race with some issue?

The total government approach is just childish. It is for the government to take up proactive actions against the burning issue of the country.

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