Manmohan, Anna and Ramdev-My Views

Interestingly, Manmohan government is excessively proactive for avoiding any breakdown of law and order situation at Rajghat where Anna is holding a one day fast today against the midnight police excesses during the eviction of Ramdev rally of Ramlila ground on June 4. It has deputed more than thousand security men around the site of the fasting place near Rajghat. Why is it necessary? Unfortunately, the same government keeps on dragging its feet from taking proactive fast actions against very critical national issues, be it against the black money stashed in foreign banks or against rampant corruption or land acquisition issues.

Anna went for fast for the Lokpal Bill at Jantar Mantar. The bill is with government for many years. First the government hesitated. The movement gathered momentum and spread nationwide. Manmohan yielded to everything that Anaa demanded such as including the five members nominated from civil society by Anna in drafting committee. The government handed over the notification on the joint drafting committee before he gave up the fast.

Why couldn’t Manmohan show the same urgency for Lokpal bill that as he showed for nuclear power bill? I personally feel Anna’s group would have asked for the final draft from the government and got all its own points to make it effective and robust, integrated in it rather than joining the task of drafting it. Can Anna or the civil society do the same for all the bills of national importance such as land acquisition bill that is holding up the industrial development? Let the legislators do their jobs that they are paid for.

Having lost its stand in case of Anna, when Ramdev went for his protest rally at Ramlila maidan, Manmohan got nervous. He went out of the way and sent four of his ministers including Pranab Nukherji and Kapil Sibal to interact with Ramdev at airport itself. How did Pranab Mukherji agree for the same? The four Ms continued the negotiation and almost agreed for the demands of Ramdev. The most important of the demands were the declaration of all the black money in foreign banks stashed by unscrupulous people of India as national assets that must be returned to the national exchequer of India. None in India can disagree for that. Even the main opposition party went to the president demanding that. Why couldn’t Manmohan agree for that and take a proactive action by announcing an ordinance on it? It is unfortunate that Ramdev didn’t use the service of some of his knowledgeable disciples as advisors. He would have focused just on one issue of declaring the black money in foreign banks as national assets. But one can’t expect much from such persons.

Surprisingly, Manmohan’s government takes actions in such a manner that the unscrupulous Indians take proactive action and make the government actions ineffective. Let me mention the black money in Swiss Banks stashed by Hasan Ali that was estimated as $40 billion. After few days, the finance ministry reported it missing or reduced to just $1 billion. Once these unscrupulous persons come to know of the seriousness of the government, they take proactive actions. Many opine that the recent boom in real estate is due to the black money gushing in from the foreign sources that is really the money of Indians stashed there.

Let the government be proactive on national issues.

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