From Alto to Mini-Xylo: My Next Vehicle in Wishlist

I bought my Alto in 2000. It is wonderfully serving us. We are just two and senior citizens in all sense of the term. In Noida, it is difficult to live without a car. I don’t need a bigger or newer car. But the way Noida neighbourhood adds new models; one can’t but develop an inferiority complex. I feel like changing my car. But then what will be that car that I must go for as my next vehicle. I came across a news report that has allured me and I am eagerly awaiting some more information.

Images of Mini-Xylo

M&M is all set to launch a mini version of its popular car, Xylo. The trial production for the car has already begun in all likelihood at Chakan. I don’t want to buy if it be something like Wagon R.

I want the present Xylo cut from middle to shorten it. It must look strong and be powerful, preferably keeping the same 2.50 litre diesel engine with same tires. I wish it to be priced around Rs 5 lakh.

As I looked into Google I found a huge number of entries on mini- Xylo and also images.

In 1990s, I worked with Mitsubishi for Hindustan Motors for bringing Minica in India. Mitsubishi had a wonderful product in Mini-Pajero. As it seems it still survives. I had longed that Mini-Pajero (images) got manufactured in India. It was not a viable proposition. India didn’t have a market for that. Hindustan Motors had come with Lancer, but had dropped small car Minica. Later on Hindudtan Motors did also produce Pajero. But that was a high-end vehicle.

Will Mini- Xylo be of the quality that Mini-Pajero was or will it be better? A recent write up in Financial Express, Pawan Goel, President of auto division of M&M revealed that Goel had an internship in Hindustan Motors in 1972. Goel would have certainly come to me. Will he listen to my request to get my dream mini Xylo as I want it?

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