A Government of Coward Sycophants

The country has not witnessed such a bankruptcy of leadership and government here before. How can Manmohan, who sent four of its senior ministers to receive Baba Ramdev and who had kept on negotiating till 7PM, suddenly orders a police action at midnight on sleeping protesters with their guru? It reminds of the emergency period of Indira Gandhi that changed the course of politics in India and put the country 20 years behind.

There is some semblance with the emergency era. It was an advocate Sidharth Sankar Ray who advised Indira government then. It is Kapil Sibal who is playing almost similar advisory role of Sonia Gandhi who is the de-facto ruler of the country. Kapil Sibal has taken over telecom ministry from Raja whom he gave a certificate with a statement that there was no loss to the nation in 2G scam. I don’t know why the country, Anna, or Ramdev didn’t ask for an apology from him or refused to sit with him in any negotiation. Why someone couldn’t go to court against his lies.

But there is a major difference. Today the country doesn’t know who is effectively ruling the country: the dummy prime minister, the defacto prime minister or the troubleshooter gentleman from Bengal.

Why was the police action required at dead night? Did the government not know what Ramdev was talking for the whole day that the whole country listened? Why was he not told or appealed to disperse the meeting for which he had not been permitted?

Why did Manmohan and Sonia Gandhi allow his party’s spokesman and general secretary to keep on vomiting venom against Ramdev in name of democracy, while their ministers were negotiating? Was all that not meant for instigating Ramdev to remain tough?

Why couldn’t Manmohan Singh or Sonia Gandhi or for that matter Rahul Gandhi walk up to the meeting and talked to Ramdev and if necessary with the people present there?

Why couldn’t Manmohan address the nation in the evening about this serious situation?

Why is the Sonia’s government trying to test the patience of the people of India?

After all Ramdev was asking for declaring the black money in foreign banks as national property and wealth that is in national interest and for arranging to bring it back. And as reported, the government agreed for it.

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