Budget – An Appeal to Pranab Babu and an Anguish

For last so many years I have been watching this exercise of the government. Over the years, the majority in salaried class looks at it with a great hope. But every time it comes with some drops in the empty ocean of expectations. Inflation gets higher than the rise in annual increments and the households are to resort to cutting even essential expenditure. For a change why should you not come out with some real down to earth announcements this time for the salaried class?

1. Instead of raising the tax exemption every time by thousands, please for a change raise the bar to Rs 6, 00,000 per year. Look at the inflation in usual expenses at least in two areas of necessity:

• School fee in all good private schools have gone sky high. Could you think of spending Rs 2 lakh annually for your son in high school?

• Medical costs are equally getting exorbitant. How can a salaried person give Rs 12 lakh for hospitalization for 12 days in a hospital? Don’t you know that many are to decide to die rather than telling the family head about the trouble?

Alternatively, please make all payments for education in schools and actual expenses for the hospital and medicines deductable from taxable income.

For all retired persons above 70 years who had contributed in income tax kitty, particularly those from private sector with no pension, can the government make at least the medical expenses in all hospital free?

And finally I have an appeal for the benefit of millions of migrant workers. Can you get Money Order up to Rs 2000 free? Further, is it an inclusive government that charges 5%, that is, Rs 100 for sending Es 2000? It’s a big money for those who send money by MO

Why can’t your tech-savvy minister get implement fast the digital transfer of MO money through cellular phone? Interestingly, most of the senders, payees as well as the postmen even in the remotest rural region are having the gadgets. Perhaps you may not know, even today in 2011, a money order sometimes take a month or more to reach from New Delhi to a village in Bihar.

I have heard the President’s speech of promises and wishes with concerns for the people of India. Does the government really work for the intended beneficiaries or the intermediaries and those benefiting from millions of government tenders?

PS: Pranab Babu! Your government will come with many freebies in 2013 budget before general election. Many think you should do that now to divert the damage caused by various recent scams.

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