Why doesn’t Manmohan Resign or Retire

With all types of scams appearing almost daily, any self respecting prime minister would have resigned, After all as a prime minster of the country, he owns the responsibility. If one of his cabinet ministers has been corrupt, the prime minister must also own a part of responsibility for not keeping a watch on the system that makes it happen.

Why doesn’t the prime minister resign? Does he think that there is no one in the country or Congress who can replace him and run the government? Is Manmohan having an inferiority complex because of being the elected prime minister or one planted by Sonia? Why would he compare himself with other prime minister and talk of his holding the chair for record number of years or twice in succession?

After all Manmohan, as claimed, is a top class economist respected even by Obama, why should he be afraid of resigning from the job? Even if he needs engagement after the retirement he can be on the consulting panels of many corporate or global bodies or he can earn as Clinton does by speaking at different platforms.

The country expected him to be actively contributing to toning up the government and the administration for better efficiency. Why couldn’t he bring about any significant changes and reform? Why is he content with living in the glory of his tenure as finance minister of Narsingha Rao? Why could not he bring about the changes in labour laws for improving manufacturing that can provide the employment? If he claims to get through the nuclear bill why could he take a similar stand on the reforms that could really help in solving many problems of fast growth?

If Manmohan Singh could oversee Railways during Lalu why did he allow Railway to become a white elephant during Mamtaa regime? Why couldn’t even a single railway station be transformed to world class standard of conveniences?

Is he not responsible for India failing to become number one in steel and textile production? Why India should exports cotton and iron ores and not the finished product? Is not a shame that India produce only around 70 million ton of steel and takes pride in that? Why are so many of the industrial houses waiting for all these years to get the construction of steel plants started? Why the project delay cost are in hundreds of thousands crores?

Why should Manmohan not allocate coal linkages for the power plants in Bihar or not allow sugar industries to come up in the state in big way that could bring prosperity in the poor state?

Every day one can read stories after stories somehow linked with PM’s failure, be it the Coal India’s mismanagement or PMO inefficiency in ISRO or 2G?

Why should Manmohan and his minster after six years of their rule keep on blaming NDA for all the ills?

Finally how can a minister failing to expedite the road building do what is required to build the shabby Indian cities to global standards? Is it not a shame that a former, president of CII and the vice chairman of an automobile company complains of not having proper road to get in the supplies and transport the finished vehicles out of plant in Rudrapur in so many years? Can one think of a super power taking more time to transport a container truck from Mumbai to Gurgaon that to bring that in from Singapore to Mumbai in ship?

Why should a rikshawala of Bihar pay Rs 100 to post office for sending Rs 2000 to his village home in Bihar and that also taking 20 days?

Can Manmohan Singh convince that six years of rules are not good enough to change these?

I am sure as an old man Manmohan must be wishing to retire and resign but Sonia may not be allowing him to do that. Rahul is hesitant and others are afraid.

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