A letter to Sonia Gandhi

I saw Chetan Bhagat’s letter to Sonia Gandhi and if that reaches Sonia Gandhi I will like to add some more point to the letter.

Can she take an initiative to see that Congress members in every constituency start working for social causes such as education, healthcare, employment generation as Mahatma Gandhi taught the party through various movements and initiatives such as Khadi, Harijan, sanitation or Salt making?

Let the political parties compete with its work done for the community instead of muscle or money power. Corruption can end only if the candidates are selected for the work done for the community and the community selects them for the services they delivered,

The end of present basis of selection through some brave initiatives can only bring the end of the greedy lot who are entering politics only to make money and live a standard of life of top business men and wealthy people.

The national party must encourage the people who work and serve at the grassroots level.

Further I couldn’t agree to the concept of stipend for younger interns in politics as suggested by Bhagat. What will be the amount? Will that satisfy the present generation’s aspiration? How long can the stipend work?

I shall like Sonia to judge her leaders by performance. Inefficiency and ineffectiveness must be punished and not accommodated. And the report in media must be honoured after verification and a criminal must be eliminated from the party without waiting for his conviction. For example, persons such as ND Tiwari’s case and those involved in Radia’s tape case.

I shall further appeal to Sonia to dissuade Rahul from inviting young students from universities to politics. Let them focus on academic activities. There has already been a lot of erosion in academic areas. Let the party encourage people from many streams with working experiences in different sectors.

As a last but not the least important point in appeal I shall like Sonia to consider a question in many minds. Should you not consider a change of the person in the highest chair? Let Pranab or someone else be tried. May be that the people may feel happy with a changed face. Madam! A lot of water has gone down Ganga since you renounced the prime minister’s post. Either Rahul or you yourself can occupy the chair of the prime minister. There is nothing to worry. This country accepts every one without bias. Let it not be too late for the people.

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