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Poverty Alleviation through Recounting

According to the FAO 2008 report, ‘India accounted for 252 million of the 873 million under-nourished people all over the globe in the period 2004-2006. That’s almost 30% of the world’s undernourished population, a share larger than sub-Saharan Africa and … Continue reading

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Contagious Corruption

Invariably every day in morning walk, the discussions of the veterans converge pretty soon on the corruption in the system. For some time in past weeks, the main headlines went to Madhu Koda who had become the chief minister of … Continue reading

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Dham Yatra and Thereafter

According to a tradition, after a Dham Yatra one must give up one thing that the person used to like. What should I give up? With the loss of my camera, why should I not stop photography to which I … Continue reading

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Tamil Nadu Tour: The Group

We were 29 tourists in the bus. We travelled across the enchanting Tamil Nadu from Chennai right up to Kanniyakumari and back. We moved together, visited the places of interest, be it temples or market, dined and stayed together in … Continue reading

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Tamil Nadu Tourism: Some Suggestions

We undertook its ‘10-days rail-cum-road tour’ starting November 21, 2009 from New Delhi and returning here on December 4. Most of the co-passengers were from and around Delhi. With some improvements, the tour could have been a memorable one for … Continue reading

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रामेश्वरम के अग्नितीर्थ में

है अग्नितीर्थ सागर में यह सोच था मन हरसाया दर्शन की आश लिए फिर मैं जर्जर तन से आया. यह एक अरब का भारत अपने पापों से तेरे जल को काला कर देता और पापमुक्ति की शक्ति पर प्रश्नचिन्ह उठ … Continue reading

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Traumatic Tirupathi

I do very well realize that many will not like or agree with my viewpoints related to my Tirupathi visit. However, I am 100% convinced that no religion or trust has any right to create a situation that becomes traumatic … Continue reading

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