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Collapsing Empires: GM and now Toyota

I have been under an awful halo of the two giants. Reasons are obvious. I worked for the automobile industry and a company that had a long tie with General Motors. I had contacts with many from GM, US as … Continue reading

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Terah -Thirteen

‘Outlook’ has come out with an anniversary issue and many celebrities have written about 13*. I remember one of the finest interpretations of 13 from Manju Deshbir, the wife of my class friend, Deshbir Singh at IIT, Kharagpur for whom … Continue reading

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Textex- My Dream e-Gadget

While reading and talking about e-readers, Amazon’s Kindle or Sony’s competitive version or for that matter many others including some from the Chinese that are getting into market or will soon be available, I always hope one day some entrepreneur … Continue reading

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Media: It also serves

‘India Today’ and ‘Outlook’ are the two national weekly magazines that reflect the mood of the nation. With its vernacular editions, its circulation is large enough to have impact on the people too. Both have covered one unique topic each … Continue reading

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Sharecropping and Bihar

I came across two articles related to this highly debated subject recently, first on and the second in Business Standard. The news reports in media about the Bandyopadhyay commission has again raised this sensitive subject. The commission on land … Continue reading

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Can India Lead Through Innovations?

Many recent news reports about India and Indians make me ponder about if India can lead through innovations. The latest one giving hope came due to the person of Indian origin who shared the Nobel in chemistry this year. An … Continue reading

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The Poor Indian Nobel Laureate

‘Venky‘, the Nobel winner does not own a car and rides a bicycle to work. “Asked what he would do with the money, he laughed and said he did not even own a car, but that he might buy a … Continue reading

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It’s same: Be it vulgar, indecent or greed

How much should one CEO get as compensation? Are the amounts most of the CEOs get vulgarly excessive? Even prime minister expressed his views on the subject, sometime last year. Now Salman Khursid and Montek Singh Ahluwalia have expressed their … Continue reading

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हम दो, हमारे दो घर

Hum Do, Humare Do Ghar My craze for a good house perhaps has a root in my childhood. We had a huge house with as many as four big courtyards in the remote village, but that was not of bricks. … Continue reading

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Manufacturing and Machining

In Hindustan Motors, I started as executive trainee, a new concept of building managers for the future because of the company’s close relationship with General Motors, the largest company in the world at that time. After a short over-viewing of … Continue reading

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