Textex- My Dream e-Gadget

While reading and talking about e-readers, Amazon’s Kindle or Sony’s competitive version or for that matter many others including some from the Chinese that are getting into market or will soon be available, I always hope one day some entrepreneur cum innovator will produce Textex too.

Textex is to be similar gadget like e-reader that can store his text books as well as functions as exercise books for the students. One gadget with a weight less than net book will make the students free from the load that they are to carry every day. Based on the storing capacity, the students can also get additional reading materials and notes in the device. At the end of the academic year, the students can get the books of the next class loaded deleting the old stuff.

The gadget will have to be robust in design for the mishandling by the youngsters and cheap to be affordable. However, the market potential will be tremendous running into millions and billions in quantity, as it will be universally usable throughout the world. May be, many book lovers such this writer may love to possess one to load books of his choices and to keep writing the ideas generating while reading the books.

This is my dream e-Gadget. Many aspects of the specifications remain to be freezed. I wish someone who knows about some gadget that is near to my expectations will let me know. I also request those working in computer hardware to let their friends know about this dream of an old man.

Can’t some in IITs such as Ashok Jhunjhunwala help me in knowing about the viability of such a gadget and make an old man get some pleasure? I am sure the Indian government with a project to produce $10 laptop in competition with MIT’s $ 100 laptop is serious about the project.

As manufacturing manager, I had been pioneering flexibility in machine tools used for high scale of production to take up the challenges of changing product design cost effectively in automobile sector. I wish some technocrat to develop a single gadget that can impart knowledge and entertainment for the knowledge seeking masses.

And the gadget of my dream will reduce the global warming in real significant way by eliminating paper altogether from the education business.

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