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India vs.China: R&D

The prime minister’s speech at Bhubaneswar at 99th India Science Congress made many revelations about the nation status on R&D after six plus decades of independence. As usual, I felt like compiling a data on India vs. China. The objective … Continue reading

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India- China’s Envy

“Chinese are big smugglers… suppliers of small arms. I am sure that the Maoists also get them.” –G K Pillai, home secretary. Any reference to China annoys me since 1962. China went a little too far and that was not … Continue reading

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China vs. India Again

As reported, an article ahead of the 60th anniversary of the People’s Republic, The Sunday Times mentioned: “Not everyone in Beijing speaks in the silky language of the foreign ministry. Curiously, the enemy most often spoken of is India.” I … Continue reading

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