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राम से अनुरोध

हे राम ! एक पक्षी के बियोग का दृश्य पिघला दिया था कवि ह्रदय जन्म हुआ तुम्हारा अवतरित हुए धरा पर प्रिय हुए जन मन में पूजित हुए सबसे .. क्या तुम्हें ठीक याद है वह जगह जंहा तुम पैदा … Continue reading

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Amartya’s Story on ‘The Idea of Justice’

A story quoted by Amartya Sen in his just published book The Idea of Justice has become very popular. It first came to me from my poet friend Pravat Pandey from Kolkata. I didn’t have the book by the time. … Continue reading

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India’s Engineering Challenges

The winner of the next century will be the nation that decides and focuses on the engineering challenges that can make it the leader among the developing nations. As reported, a high powered diverse committee of experts, including some of … Continue reading

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Education- A Friend’s Institutes of Engineering Sciences and Management

I know Gehlot, an alumnus of Roorkee Engineering College for some time now. He retired from UP’s PWD after serving as chief engineer. Gehlot and five others have established a trust that has set up an institute of higher education … Continue reading

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Farmers Need Solutions

I came across a story from rural India. “Ramabai from Pikjharan village in Bargah district, 370 km west of Bhubaneswar earns Rs 60,000-75,000 a year from. Rambai could manage to convince a large landowner in the village to lease a … Continue reading

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India and NREGA

I can’t say about Delhi, but Noida has not experienced such monsoon that is continuing since last four days for many years, bettering even my memory of Bengal’s rain. Since last few months, the media covered the drought extensively. From … Continue reading

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Cover-up Sectors Flourish with Nonperformance

Over the years the governments both at the centre as well as in the states have failed to provide the basic requirements of the people related to power, water, education, and even the healthcare and sanitation. And it is worrying, … Continue reading

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In This Great Democracy

As such the news credited to the politicians and politics are hardly worth reading. But sometimes it’s make me really morose. One such news got busted by the Bengali Babu who practically is the only heavy- weight in UPA-II government. … Continue reading

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Education: Raining Reforms

Kapil Sibal is the most vocal and visible face of UPA-II in media today. This advocate-turned-education-reformer wishes to undo all the decades old wrongs in India’s education. If Kapil Sibal is to be believed, none will have any grievance about … Continue reading

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Automobiles Tomorrow and Indian Manufacturers

SA Aiyar in his Sunday ‘Swaminomics‘ that has appeared as a letter addressed to Ratan Tata suggests ‘about JLR going into hybrids and electric plug-ins not to save the planet, just to save JLR – and may be even Tata … Continue reading

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