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IIT’s Gurus Can Do Better

In this country believing in ‘bhukhe bhajan na hohin gopala’, it is not strange that teachers in IITs are also going for a hunger strike on Thursday. However, they have assured that it will not affect the students, and they … Continue reading

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Education- Some Issues Require Sibal’s Attention

Sibal has become the darling of media. As many surveys show, the countrymen expects him to succeed to reform the education sector that has remained prisoner under some very biased ministers for almost a decade or more. Here are some … Continue reading

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Nitish’s State and Nitish

The outcome of the recent bye-election went against Nitish and so against his priorities in governance of the state and his vote-bank politics. Voters sent a warning signal to the rulers: They can’t be taken for granted. Naturally, I was … Continue reading

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राम से अनुरोध

हे राम ! एक पक्षी के बियोग का दृश्य पिघला दिया था कवि ह्रदय जन्म हुआ तुम्हारा अवतरित हुए धरा पर प्रिय हुए जन मन में पूजित हुए सबसे .. क्या तुम्हें ठीक याद है वह जगह जंहा तुम पैदा … Continue reading

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Amartya’s Story on ‘The Idea of Justice’

A story quoted by Amartya Sen in his just published book The Idea of Justice has become very popular. It first came to me from my poet friend Pravat Pandey from Kolkata. I didn’t have the book by the time. … Continue reading

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India’s Engineering Challenges

The winner of the next century will be the nation that decides and focuses on the engineering challenges that can make it the leader among the developing nations. As reported, a high powered diverse committee of experts, including some of … Continue reading

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Education- A Friend’s Institutes of Engineering Sciences and Management

I know Gehlot, an alumnus of Roorkee Engineering College for some time now. He retired from UP’s PWD after serving as chief engineer. Gehlot and five others have established a trust that has set up an institute of higher education … Continue reading

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