Higher Education: A Dream Super Knowledge City

August was never so hot. It’s blazing and suffocating with high temperature and horrible humidity. The media is busy creating panic for swine flu. My friend dropped going to movie. The government fails getting bad news of the Indian students in Australia. Inflation is negative but the prices are unaffordable. The Prime Minister as well as Agriculture Minister publicly predicts further price escalations encouraging hoarding. It’s really getting dull. However, I keep my dreams going.

The news of IIT, Kharagpur going for its big plan was just exhilarating. I wish Sibal or some education enthusiast such as Rajat Gupta or Sam Pitroda initiates a project to have the world’s biggest university campus somewhere in India, may be on the Mumbai-Delhi Industrial Corridor coming up with assistance from Japanese or somewhere around Haridwar to be in better climatic surroundings and greenery.

The dream university may aim to bring the best from all over the world and be a real International one. Can each of the 100 or 200 of the best educational institutes or universities of the world be brought together set up a college of a discipline in which it is the best? It must cover all the subjects of importance, be it space science and technology or economics, the medical science or management, the finance or trade and commerce, the fine art or sports. The campus must house the largest library and auditorium, the best hospital, sport complex, laboratories and art studios surrounded by world-class residential facilities for a really global community. The university must get the best faculty and the students from all over the world. And it grows to have a million teachers and ten million students living in it. Everywhere in the world when one, the student or his parent, starts thinking of going for higher education, the first name to their mind must be of this international university.

Let the dream university be the attraction for all who visit this country where Vedas were born and are still chanted in some remote institutes.

Can some dream big and get it on mother earth? Who will take it?

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