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Automobile Sector: Still A Potential Savior

So now Nanos are out on road. However, I have not seen one in Noida still. Perhaps either Noida or I myself is unlucky. I wish every individual user of Nano write about their experiences. It will be a great … Continue reading

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Higher Education: My Views on Curricula

An acquaintance of mine, a former chief engineer of PWD, UP is setting up an educational enterprise that will have a school of management as well as a college of engineering in NCR. He has crossed the last hurdle and … Continue reading

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Sreedharan and Metro

Perhaps the whole country was looking at the Delhi Metro project with pride. Sreedharan, the superannuated but still in action old man, was the hero. I kept on advising the government to search for many more Sreedharans to get rid … Continue reading

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IITs: Depleting Brand

Very soon perhaps every state of the country will have an IIT and may be an IIM too, with establishment of IIT becoming a political decision. With this large a number it will be really difficult to maintain the brand … Continue reading

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India’s Landmark Projects<

Perhaps India doesn’t have any agreed list of its landmark projects, be infrastructure or in any other sector. Everyone has a different priority or selfish motive in calling a project as landmark one. I have been appealing to promote Nalanda … Continue reading

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