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History and Healthcare Solutions

Since school days, I read how Aryans, our ancestors entered India from North-West passes. But there were some who thought that our ancestors didn’t come from outside India. As I remember the noted Hindi poet Jai Sankar Prasad was of … Continue reading

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Cathay’s Causality

It was perfect time to reach San Francisco. However, as Yamuna couldn’t have walked that long, she took wheelchair route. It was easily available, but later on we found that the same man is to move at least three persons. … Continue reading

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On Way to San Francisco

We had packed for US sojourn and waiting. We had kept TV on, and planned to move out as last. With everything ready, it becomes difficult to pass time even waiting for taxi. With AC on we tried to take … Continue reading

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My Blog, My Life, My Readers

For almost last for four years I am blogging. I have been putting in one entry almost daily. It is all because of Anand who initiated and then Shannon who religiously goes through it. I don’t know over the period … Continue reading

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Demoralizing Democracy

A man in Mumbai creates chaos over a statement by a respected artist. His orders to his goons are. · Not a single film involving the Bachchan family would be allowed to be released in Maharashtra. · Maharashtrians must boycott … Continue reading

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Noida: Sector 41 Lost a Library

In this era of knowledge, every community must house a good library with at least three clear sections serving children, students, and oldies. I have knowingly kept the adults out of it, as in whatever profession they are; they seem … Continue reading

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Will Mamata Sink with Singur?

Tata Motors is keeping West Bengal and the country guessing if it will get out of Singur totally or ultimately come back. As Tata Motors got the land it asked for and the state government signed the agreement, it has … Continue reading

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Presidency College and its Eden Hindu Hostel

Last January I visited Eden Hindu Hostel and Presidency College with Shannon and Anand after many years. I spent two years 1955-57 here for my Intermediate Science. I can scrape through many sweet memories of those days. I met here … Continue reading

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Bush and Gandhi

As a reporter wrote ‘Singur is proving to be more difficult than the nuclear issue, since a breakthrough was possible in Vienna but not in Calcutta.’ With the heroes and villains in Vienna as well as in Singur, the outcome … Continue reading

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Kosi Deluge-Find Answer

I am happy to know that there is one more engineer (as Fatmi himself claimed on a TV channel) from Bihar in ministry that too in Man Mohan Singh’s cabinet. We all know the more known engineer-chief minister. I don’t … Continue reading

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