My Blog, My Life, My Readers

For almost last for four years I am blogging. I have been putting in one entry almost daily. It is all because of Anand who initiated and then Shannon who religiously goes through it. I don’t know over the period how many more friends and fans I have. But some have gone very close. May be Sarvesh, Mukund, Ranjan, Manoj or Pankaj are among them. There may be some or many more whom I don’t know.

Over the period, I have not been able to make any significant changes in the getup or lay out of the blogsite to improve presentation quality. However, I have tried to be regular and informative besides expressing my viewpoints on some issues that I found reactive and near to my heart. Unfortunately, very few of my readers have come out with critical comments or expressed their counterviews and demanded some specific changes of content. I would have loved to have them. At one time I wanted to switch over to Hindi in which I could have expressed perhaps better. On hearing this from me, some wrote to me against it. I agreed, as with English one can reach to more people.

All along I have been trying to remain positive on India’s growth stories, though many times many of the happenings disturb me to the core. For instance, India can get NSG waivers without conditions from 45 countries of different culture from the different corner of the world, but it can get its own political parties agree to some very critical issues of national importance. Surprisingly, even a professional prime minister has never tried for it. Could not Man Mohan Singh call all the leading stakeholders in industrial development of the country and make them agree consensually about the policy for the land acquisitions for industry?

Blogging has become my fulltime engagement that sometimes annoys Yamuna, my wife. Perhaps she wanted me to work for money that I didn’t agree on the terms from the employers. I wished some sort of consultancy; they wanted me to look after the operation. I didn’t find any one serious to use my knowledge and experience to the benefit some company or the country. Many may surprise. But I dreamt once, one day one of acquaintances will become Prime Minister and obligingly he will make me the President. It has neither happened nor there is any hope. But I would have loved to get attached with some educational institutes and guide the careers of the students. But alas! I haven’t come across any willing entrepreneurs in education sector. I still wish to work not for money but to be in a position where I can contribute through some innovative way to solve the problems, be it a private company, Noida Authority or Delhi University. I envy those who are lucky and are still working. But when I find them grumbling about the working condition, I feel bad. In most of the cases, the Indian employers who retain these old people are very poor in dealing with them.

America is calling me again. Courtsey Shannon, we shall be in US for almost two and a half months starting September 2008. Our mission this time will be to be with Emma, entertain her and get entertained, learn about her traits and welcome the arrival of Krish. And if that was not enough, Yamuna and I will hopefully have plenty of opportunity to spend time with Keshav, Anvita, and Svanik this time as well. If time permits, I would like to meet some of my friends or acquaintances, if some comes to know about my visit and responds. But gradually I am becoming pretty weak to take any physical exertions and even a small outing tires me. I shall prefer to be with my books and on my laptop that I am carrying.

I do plan on blogging while in US, provided I have time and my younger friends permit me. However, because of my excitement and engagement, I may be irregular sometimes. I again confess blogging has become my way of life and living.

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