Noida: Sector 41 Lost a Library

In this era of knowledge, every community must house a good library with at least three clear sections serving children, students, and oldies. I have knowingly kept the adults out of it, as in whatever profession they are; they seem to be extremely busy because of the cutthroat competition to run ahead of all the colleagues and acquaintances in accumulating wealth by any and all means. They don’t have any time for visiting library or reading books and serious magazines. So is the case of their smart wives. I have known many who after coming out of college had never looked to any book, even about their profession.

Surprisingly Sector 41 has a plot earmarked for library in NOIDA’s master plan. Sector 41 could have had a library of its own with books numbering around 6,000 from US. But RWA and its president didn’t cooperate and collaborate with Sanjay Sehgal and his NRI father and renowned grandfather who approached them. Sector president didn’t even agree to temporary accommodate the books in the sector’s community center, even when Sehgals were bearing the total cost. Books had come from US. Books were of high value covering fictions and non-fiction subjects. Some of the reference books can be asset for any big library. And Sehgals wanted a place to keep them properly before finding its final place. Sehgals could convince the officers of Noida Authority, who finally requested the sector president to allow keeping the books in the community center. But the president didn’t agree. And because of the apathy of the president, the library got located in a building in village Varolla curtsey the local MLA. Sector 41 lost the good opportunity to create a landmark for it.

Initial condition with dumped books

After arranging

The present location as such has no problem. It’s in good place with lot of potential for improvement. However, it requires a lot of investment and will of the locals and the MLA and Pradhan to improve the surrounding and particularly the approach road. The building needs some protection from the people and the environmental ingress. The library can become a place to be pride and a landmark of the village Varolla, if they wish so. I wonder if Noida Authority can provide the necessary help and make it its own project.

Sehgals have done wonderful job by getting the books and the racks and essential furniture made. It looks good. However, it requires a lot of additional facilities. Sanjay will require a lot of help. Unless the library gets the attention of some more people in authority who can market it and make it popular and accessible, it will hardly get the readers who can use its vast knowledge resources. I feel proud to get associated with this library. I am sure Noida has many celebrities from the field of education and knowledge sector. I wish they came forward to nourish this institution.

I appeal the people of Noida and particularly those from nearby sectors such as 49, 50, and 41 to visit the place. Sanjay (9810550889, 0120-2574745, email can tell the location.

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