Cathay’s Causality

It was perfect time to reach San Francisco. However, as Yamuna couldn’t have walked that long, she took wheelchair route. It was easily available, but later on we found that the same man is to move at least three persons. He took three stops to reach the immigration counters. It was due to more flights reaching simultaneously. As usual, it is easy and affordable to have more machines, but hardly prudent to have equal number of persons to man them when required. It was the case at San Francisco airport. It took quite a time in the immigration because of the strict scanning for any possibility of one being terrorist. Everyone had to give three scans- 4 fingertips of right hand and then left hand as well as for the tips of the two thumbs. A camera also took the photograph of the face. I got reminded that similar cameras were in use at the reception of Noida Authority’s administrative office for issuing the entry passes. However, with the CEOs changing so frequently, the practice has been discontinued.

While custom personnel hardly took anytime, it was a mess at the baggage collection conveyor. The suitcases had arrived, but it took time to search them. The porter of Yamuna’s wheel chair had vanished to help the other passenger. But Yamuna by now was excited enough to meet the family and agreed rather forced me to walk. And as soon as we came out in the arrival lobby, it was a happy moment again with Keshav, Anvita and Svanik touching the feet followed by their parents. Naturally Shannon had to miss. She waited for us at the residence with Emma. We never wanted to inconvenience her.

Anand drove us to his residence with Rajesh, Shephali and Svanik. Rakesh drove in separate vehicle and later on joined us at the residence of Anand. And then it was a joy and celebration that they had planned for Yamuna’s birthday in advance, as Shannon may move for maternity on any day. Emma got mixed with us. I kept on watching her playing and enjoying with her brother and sisters. I made Anvita to make a sketch of mine. Keshav kept himself glued with a book. Svanik was mostly on his own or with Emma. But Svanik hardly ate anything. As grandfather I felt bad.

By night, we could find the major causality of the Cathay. Even a tag of ‘handle-with-care’ hadn’t saved my laptop in its case in the suitcase getting broken at the hinge. Perhaps I never thought about the extra precautions that it deserved. It is my old age and the last minute adjustment that caused it. However, it is working fine and Anand helped me to put me on line for blog.

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