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China, China and India, India

In 2005, when I was in US, the bookshop ‘Borders’ helped me enjoying my 6-months long stay. It was at that time that I could really understand how China has touched every American through its Wall-Marts. But it was some … Continue reading

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Innovating India

It may be a coincidence that while ‘Business Today’ issue has published ‘India’s most innovative companies ‘, Business Week has special coverage of ‘The World’s Most Innovative Companies’. As very appropriately said, “the most innovative companies don’t do different things, … Continue reading

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Two Masters from Aam Adami

Every day morning I pass through the road with the Sai Temple and Shakti Mandir on one side. I stop for a minute on the road itself and try to repeat ‘Shradha’ (devotion, faithfulness) and ‘Saburi’ (patience) – the two … Continue reading

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Surprisingly Exhilarating India

India’s GDP may grow 9.5% in 2008-09, if we believe the forecast of the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy CMIE. The capacity additions will drive the surge in growth. Is it also a sycophancy of a sort, as projections by … Continue reading

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Corporate India’s Doubtful CSR or Affirmative Actions?

Many a times, I wonder if the companies and the association representing them genuinely are concerned about the people’s woe or it shades only crocodile tears when pressed to comment. I am all against reservations. But there are always some … Continue reading

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India Today’s 60 Greatest Indians

It is enjoyable to read about so many great people in one go. The news magazine has done a wonderful job in planning this sort of special issue . Perhaps from marketing point, it has included persons from all walks … Continue reading

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IIT and Reservation

I never wanted to visit this subject so soon. But there are two reasons for that: First, NDTV had in ‘The Big Fight’ yesterday debated the righteousness of 49. 5 % reservations based on the caste of the parent of … Continue reading

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